Van Boening remains atop AzB Player Rankings

Even winning the World Pool Championship was not enough for Daryl Peach to unseat the top three on the AzB Player Rankings list.

Shane Van Boening remains at #1, with Efren Reyes and Niels Feijen trailing him in 2nd and 3rd place.

Peach jumped a total of 301 spots into fourth on the list with former World Champion Ronnie Alcano dropping one spot to fifth.

Peach was not even the top climber into the top 50, as that distinction went to Filipino sensation Jeff De Luna who climbed 864 spots into 38th place after his win at the Manny Pacquiao International 9-Ball Open.

The AzB Player Rankings are based completely on website user's interest in a player on a week to week basis. Rankings are updated every week.