Vann Corteza Wins Derby 9-Ball, Orcollo Takes 3rd Master of the Table

Lee Vann Corteza (Photo courtesy of Dave Thomson –

Diamond Derby City Classic XXII, January 24-Feb.2, 2020

Caesars Southern Indiana, Elizabeth, IN

David Thomson

This just in! The All Around Champion leaderboard finished with Dennis Orcollo squeaking by Billy Thorpe by 4.3 points to take the Master of the Table/All Around Champion title. Joshua Filler took 3rd.

Orcollo 210. $20.000
Thorpe 205.7. $3000
Filler 192. $2000


408 entrants. 9 on the spot, compliant break, Outsville Accu-Rack Template.

Lee Vann Corteza is the coolest under pressure of any player out there. He certainly was this week.

Why? He had the very intimidating Joshua Filler firing at him. And Lee Vann, with an unprecedented Accu-Stats’ TPA of .978, in a final, slowly took him apart.

Joshua had just reduced Orcollo to rubble at 9-4 and, earlier in the afternoon, blazed past the normally, formidable Shane Van Boening, 9-2, with an extraordinary .984…in 28 minutes. That .984 has to be the highest TPA in decades.

None of it meant anything to Corteza, That was then. This was now.

OK, Lee Vann could reminisce that, while Joshua was annihilating Dennis, he was out in the Diamond Arena demolishing James Aranas whose .952 had, previously, brutalized Justin Bergman, 9-1, in 43 minutes.

Then, to secure his seat in the final, displaced Van Boening with a very respectable, 9-4.

Yet again, that was then. This was now.

As both unbeaten warriors still had their buy-back, it was agreed that an extended race to 11 would determine the Champion.

Although, off to a slow opening that may have debilitated others, Lee Vann never faltered.

Neither did his focus and determination, especially in those frustrating opening racks, when he couldn’t make a ball on the break.

So, it was Filler who forged ahead until opportunity struck and Corteza got level at 3. Josh’s breaks weren’t leaving him close or, snookered, he had to duck. His safeties, no matter how tight, Corteza, mostly, managed to connect and get safe.

Finally, when Corteza earned his turn at bat, the orbs started dropping for him. He crept ahead.

Filler was faced with length of the table back-cuts that were going in the outer arena but, now under pressure, they would jaw and leave Lee Vann another rack.

Filler had relied on his fire power and it had failed him. He was soon down 8-4. Corteza’s non-compliant break allowed him back to the table.

A little frantic now, Filler fought is way through the rack until, he rolled long and hooked himself.

Jacked up, he kicked at the ball. It bolted into the side pocket. Unfortunately, so did the cue-ball. It had followed it in.

Filler’s pillar of support, his wife Pia, sitting ringside, was mouthing encouragement.

But to no avail. There was nothing that was going to distract Corteza. He was on a mission to secure his first DCC title.

His picture perfect position on the final run-out proved positive that today, he was not to be denied. 11-4.

Joshua candidly admitted that the further he got behind, the harder it was to overcome Corteza’s omnipotence. “The more I missed, the more I lost confidence.” And, the more Corteza capitalized on it.

Lee Vann, $16,000. Joshua, $8,000, Dennis and James Aranas, 3rd/4th, $4850 each.

The 9-Ball result had no relevance on the all Around Champion points process.

That was already secured by Dennis’ dependable come-from-behind win over German Can Salim.

Can was capable. He had already eliminated another favorite, Jayson Shaw. It was also erroneously stated, in yesterday’s report, the Salim had been eliminated by Filler, when in fact, the fellow German had handed Can his first loss.

Today, a Salim victory over Dennis would have, seriously, upset the points leaderboard and awarded the title to One Pocket Champion, Billy Thorpe.

Dennis was behind 8-6 when his undaunted, relentless pursuit of the $20,000 and his 3rd Master of the Table title allowed his goal to be realized.

It also should be mentioned that Diamond’s One-Pocket and Bank Pool prize funds of $92,600 and $79,750, respectively, were the highest ever distributed in their 22 year history.

As always, the Diamond DCC had attracted a truly cosmopolitan field with 3 Filipinos, 2 Germans, and American Justin Bergman in the Final 6, Shane Van Boening finished 7th.

Oh, just one more thing, our heartiest congratulations to Diamond Billiard Products founder Greg Sullivan on his induction into the BCA Hall of Fame and Meritorious Service Award.

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