Venom Trickshots, A Review

Amazement. That seems to be the universal reaction from anyone who watches the new offering from, Venom Trickshots.  This DVD features Florian Kohler, who first picked up a cue only three years ago and immediately fell in love with trick shots. Since then he has worked many, many hours to perfect his shots and the result is this DVD which is unlike any you have ever seen before.  

According to Nathan DuMoulin, the producer of this project (yes, the same fellow who did Mika's 3 DVD collection, Mastering Pool), the entire shoot for Venom Trick Shots took only 8 days. But the table had to be recovered every couple of days because Florian continually burned holes in the cloth from his masse shots. “Sometimes the table would just smoke from the friction” he told us. Masse mastery is truly what this video is all about. Florian makes the cue ball do tricks and dances that you have never seen before. Some of the shots totally defy logic, with the cue ball being struck while in mid-air or while spinning within a hoop.  

Many of the shots on the video never existed until the shoot began. Nathan tells us that Florian evolved many of the planed shots into even more complicated or difficult versions while the filming was underway.  “The final product does not resemble what was planned. It exceeded our wildest hopes.”, said Nathan.  

I must admit that I am at a loss to actually describe this video. Let me suggest that you go immediately to and view the trailer. It will give you a taste of what this young man has to offer.