Wade Crane Killed in Car Crash

Wade Crane (Photo courtesy of Diana Hoppe)

AZBilliards has learned that Wade Crane, a powerful Nine Ball player, has died in a car accident in Knoxville, TN. Known by the nickname of "Boom-Boom" for his powerful break, Crane was a former World 8-Ball and 9-Ball champion who was a very dominant player in the 80's and who was voted by his peers to have the best 9-ball break in history. He was the only player in history to shoot a perfect 1000 on Accu-Stats during the final of a major championship. According to his IPT Player Biography he had the highest run-out percentage after pocketing a ball on the break than any other player. 

Our condolences go out to all of Mr. Crane's family and his many friends.