Walthall First Again on Fury Tour

Jim Sandaler and Larry Walthall

Points-leader Larry Walthall bolstered his number one ranking on the Fury Amateur 9-Ball tour by going undefeated through a 32-player roster at Trick Shots in Altamonte Springs, FL on November 28, 2004.

Walthall took over the winner's side relatively unharmed with a 35-10 record going into the finals against Jim Sandaler who lost his second round match but came through the B side with 7 wins and a similar 35-15 bracket record.

Another player with an impressive B side record was Elvis Rodriguez who had to forfeit his first match but won 6 straight matches on the loser's side to gain 4th place. Also in the fray was 17-year-old Wayne Hutter, placing 5th/6th after losing a chance at the hot seat match to Jeremy Bell on the A side.

Bell's undefeated run ended there when he met Walthall in the hot seat match. Walthall wasted no time and posted a 7-3 win over Bell sending him to wait for the semifinal.

On the B side, Sandaler and Rodriguez matched up to determine who would play Bell. Though Rodriguez got one game from a 9 on the break, Sandaler couldn't be stopped, playing lock-up safeties and making tough outs for a 5-1 win. The semifinal between Sandaler and Bell looked familiar as Bell made a 9 on the break but Sandaler prevailed with safes and solid run outs to close the match with another 5-1 post.

Sandaler started off the race to 9 final with a 5-3 lead, but Walthall tied it up at 5-5. Sandaler took another game and then it looked optimistic for him when Walthall missed shape on the 9, but Walthall banked it long rail to make the score 6-6. This proved to be the tie-breaking game as Walthall played a tight safety in the next rack and got ball in hand for the out, which he followed with two more run outs for a 9-6 win.

1st Larry Walthall $430
2nd Jim Sandaler $260
3rd Jeremy Bell $170
4th Elvis Rodriguez $100
5th/6th Wayne Hutter, Richard Murray $50
7th/8th Jose Ybarra, Tim Wotherspoon $40