Walthall Takes The Fury Win

Tony Vicari & Larry Walthall

A lot of interesting play was going on at Pro Billiards in Orlando, Florida on September 19, 2004 when the 2004 Fury Florida Amateur 9-Ball Tour made its stop there. Tour owner Kay Higgins had an interesting day when 56 players came out to see who would be the winner for this round. Many hill-hill matches kept the play interesting and spectators guessing. Points leader Larry Walthall was there to continue his quest for a win and to keep his points standing but with the competitive level of play he was up against his work was cut out for him. His battle was not going to be an easy one especially along with regular participants and some new faces. Walthall really saw his work was cut out for him when Richard Murray sent him to the loser's side with a score of 7-4 in their 4th match of the evening. This meant that Walthall was going to have to face competitors such as Adam Wheeler, Louis Altes, and Bobby Moore to see if he could take his 4th win of the season.

It was an interesting day with match ups such as Adam Wheeler and girlfriend Jessica Barnes drew each other in the first rounds. Barnes, who also plays on the Ladies Amateur Tour, holds fourth place in that point's race and plays in both events. Wheeler took Barnes out and left her to play Jeremy Bell who also sent her to sit on the sidelines and have fun watching the event play out. Another female that joined the playing field was Miyuki Sakai who held her own against the playing field to finish 7th/8th.

Murray along with Tony Vicari was steadily climbing through the winners bracket to finally meet in the hot seat match. Vicari was in stroke as he sent Murray to the one loss side 7-1 to face Larry Walthall again. Walthall was ready for Murray this time and Walthall got control of the table and didn't give Murray a chance for a rematch with Vicari as he was put in 3rd place 5-1.

The final race to 9 match was expected to be a close one as spectators sat watching as Walthall jumped ahead the first five games. Vicari managed to get a couple of games in here and there but Walthall was determined to take his 4th win of the season. Walthall stroke held up even with the long day and he left Vicari in 2nd place taking the match at 9-5. Tour owner, tournament director and promoter Kay Higgins sat on the side-lines with players now spectators Jeremy Bell, Wayne Catledge, Miyuki Sakai, Steve Howitt and Dave Ruppe, who will be the tournament director for a new division in the Southeast Florida area.

1st place- Larry Walthall $550
2nd place- Tony Vicari $330
3rd place- Richard Murray $240
4th place- Bobby Moore $130
5th/6th place- Louis Altes, Tony Yard $75
7th/8th place- Adam Wheeler, Miyuki Sakai $60