Windy City Open Play Continues

The Windy City Open continued on Wednesday with even faster paced action. The day kicked off with the WCO Senior 9-Ball Event. The day also included Mini 9-Ball events for both the Ladies and Men. Players getting to the event center late were just in time for the Midnight Madness 9-Ball Event. Finishing up at 7:00am the top three players split the pot. Joanne Ashton of the Budweiser Twins won the ladies Mini 9-Ball event defeating Molly Yoder. Henry Brodt defeated Lyn Wechsler in the Senior 9-Ball event. The Open Mini 9-Ball event put Jim Engles up against Donnie Branson. Branson took top honors over Engles.

Thursday kicked off early with the Open League Single 8-Ball bringing together the areas league players. The Men's division brought in 43 players all ready to play. Sitting in the hot seat match is Russ Belcher and Mike Sterling. In a smaller Woman's division, Mary Costello is in the hot seat awaiting her opponent. Trying to shoot their way to the final match against Mary is Molly Pearl and Wendy Ady. League Single play will continue today (Friday) to determine the Champion.

The WCO 9-Ball events brought in 73 players in the Open and 22 players in the Women's, this play will continue today with a strong field left in the Open. On the Women's side Donya Bundy will play Gina Knight and Molly Pearl will play Kassy Werner to advance to the hot seat match. The Ashton twins are still shooting on the B -side of the bracket.

The other event that started last night was the Pro-Am which featured 9 players. Included in the event were Danny Harriman, Jesse Bowman, Shane Van Boening, and Tommy K. just to name a few. This event will continue throughout the day.

As filming continued for the new reality TV show, Pool, Poker, and Pain there were some exhibition matches going on at the front tables. Some of the match ups were Dennis Hatch and Joey K. and Emily Duddy and Jessica Barnes.

Today (Friday) promises to be a fun – filled, action packed day starting the Senior's Open 8-Ball event begins at 10AM. Along with that the Junior's events will start at 11 AM. At 7 PM, along with the APA 3 Man Event will be the WCO 8-Ball Event. With both of these events going on there shouldn't be an empty table in the house.