Winner’s Side Action Continues at the Open

Warren Kiamco (Photo courtesy of Erwin Dionisio)
We are still working our way through the winner’s side of the brackets at the Open. Most of the usual suspects performed as expected but there are always upsets and exceptions. 
Justin Bergman got off to a great start with an 11-6 win over Dennis Hatch. John Morra dominated John Schmidt 11-1. Warren Kiamco is having a stellar week so far. He defeated Can Wang 11-1 and in three matches he has played so far his opponents have gotten only a total of 2 racks against him so his current record is 33-2. Not bad action.
Alex Pagulayan defeated Karen Corr and faces Kiamco in his next match so that should be a fire-burner. Dennis Orcullo ran into a wall against Mario He as He beat him 11-5 so Dennis now is on the long side of the charts. Darren Appleton stayed clean yesterday as he defeated Frankie Hernandez 11-8 in a tough back-and-forth match.
Corey Deuel defeated Nick Van Den Berg 11-5, something of a surprise as van den Berg had tossed Shane Van Boening aside 11-7 in his previous match. Albin Ouschan defeated Russlan Chinakhov 11-8 and next will battle Joshua Filler, the winner of this year’s China Open. Justin Bergman’s victory over Hatch was a short-lived joy as he lost to Chris Melling 11-8 in the next round. Thorsten Hohmann took down David Alcaide 11-5 and will next face Martin Daigle who has thus far beaten Earl Strickland and Tommy Kennedy.
Jayson Shaw has had an easy run of it thus far but his next opponent will be none other than Pin-Yi Ko
The action starts again at 10:30 EST today. Follow all the action with the stream at and the live scoring and brackets here on AZB