Winning Posture

Good posture can really say a lot about a person.

Think about the player that’s slumped over in his chair or practically spilling over the edge of his stool. He’s looking all around the room and now he’s text messaging his buddies. What impression is this player giving you? Does he intimidate you with his killer instincts? Does he look like he’s focused and ready to snap off a tournament?

Next, take a look at the guy that is sitting upright with his cue in his hand, ready for action. He’s staring at the table. He’s alert and intense. He acknowledges you when you call a shot and he sits deliberately, barely moving when you’re at the table. Doesn’t he look respectful and professional? Isn’t he just oozing of poise and confidence?

Now that you have a visual of these two players, which one are you?

Take a look at my favorite player, world champion Ralf Souquet from Germany. He’s a world class player in every respect of the term and no matter what he’s doing, he’s conducting himself as such. Whether he’s sitting, standing, resting, drinking, or waiting to pounce, he carries himself deliberately. Even if he’s leaning forward, he’s not slouching. Every ounce of his energy is exerted with intent and purpose. They don’t call him “The Surgeon” for nothing. Ralf understands the importance of good posture with every move he makes.