Wisconsin Pool Balls Found Safe

For the past few decades, Viking Cue has exhibited their huge “8” and “9” Pool Balls in front of its business doors. Seen clearly from the Beltline (US 12/18) highway, which snakes around the south side of Madison, these vintage icons and indigenous landmarks have been missing for several months now, leading many locals to question the current whereabouts of these oversized orbs. Viking has received numerous calls asking if they were stolen or if Viking Cue was still open for business.

The fact is, this past fall, Viking Cue Manufacturing, LLC and its’ iconic billiard balls have moved to its new World Headquarters in Middleton, WI.

The Pool Balls have a brand new paint job and are easily visible in front of the new building located at 2228 Pleasant View Road.  The move was not immediate and Viking had declined several generous offers for them. “ These iconic pool balls are more than lawn ornaments, they are certainly a nod to our past. Shining in front of our new state-of-the-art facility, they properly reflect Viking’s values and our commitment to innovation, quality and craftsmanship,” said Mark Larson, CEO.

In a real-world manufacturing success story, Viking Cue was founded in a basement of a Stoughton, Wisconsin Pool Hall, aptly named "The Viking", and grew to become one of the biggest cue manufacturers in the world. In 2010, the venerable U.S. Manufacturer closed its doors after 45 years. Demand had slowed and imports from China had pushed down both the price of cues and the margins; some thought that was the end of an era. In cliff-hanger fashion, Viking Cue was revived in 2011 and since then, under the steady guidance of Local Businessman Mark Larson, Viking continues the tradition that was built around the art of handcrafting cues with renewed commitment to true innovation, quality and world-class performance.”

The Viking Cue headquarters is home to more than 20 employees. The building is contemporary in design and energy-efficient with large offices that surround a spacious lobby with vaulted ceilings and domed skylights. Perfectly optimized for the art of Cue Making, the manufacturing areas are temperature and humidity controlled and use natural and LED lighting throughout, consistent with the collaborative working environment which has been engrained at Viking by Mark Larson and his staff of Artisans . "We became convinced that our new facility will not only strengthen Viking's abilities as a manufacturer but also enrich the way we work and amplify the ways we listen to our customers and retailers.”

Viking Cue has been handcrafting pool cues in the USA since 1965. 100% made in the USA, Viking cues and performance shafts are sold worldwide through authorized retailers and start at $199.00 MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price).