World 8-Ball Championship Day Two Complete

Day two of the group stages is now complete and, with only one day left, many players find themselves 'on the bubble'. These players must either win today or go home tomorrow. Some must also have other players within their groups falter and so their fates are not theirs to own. Complete results, including individual match scores and standings, can be viewed at

Those players who have won all of their matches thus far and so are certain to progress to the next round of play include: Ralf Souquet (GER), Thomas Engert (GER), Kasper Thygesen (DEN), James Alorterga (UAE), Marlon Manalo (PHI), Radoslaw Babica (POL), Joven Bustamante (UAE), Oliver Ortmann (GER), Bernhard Tey Choon Kiat (SIN), Daryl Peach (ENG), Francisco Bustamante (PHI), Thorsten Hohmann (GER), Alex Lely (NED), Nick Van Den Berg (NED), Niels Feijen (NED), Michael Schmidt (GER), Fabio Petroni (ITA), Ross McInnes (SCO), Marcus Chamat (SWE), Patrick Ooi Fook (MAS), and Jose Parica (PHI).

So there are still twelve spots to fill from the players whose destinies will be determined on the tables today. The matches promise to be tense affairs. This is the very first WPA World 8-Ball Championships and it will be a major plus on the resume of whichever player is victorious here.

Tomorrow we will report the players who have made it through to the next round. At that point all won/loss records will be erased and we begin a new with a single-elimination format. Players will be seeded into the chart according to their records in the group stages.