US Open Day Five Complete

Francisco Bustamante

Day five at the US Open 9-Ball Championship is complete and it was a day filled with lopsided wins as well as tight forearms as the pressure of the situation got the best of a few players.

On the positive side, dominating wins were scored on Thursday by Francisco Bustamante, Mika Immonen and Thorsten Hohmann as all three players remained undefeated. They are joined on the winners side by Jose Parica, Johnny Archer, Daryl Peach, Ronnie Alcano and Rodney Morris.

Winners side matches Friday at 1pm will be...

Parica vs Immonen
Archer vs Peach
Morris vs Hohmann
Bustamante vs Alcano

On the other side of the coin, the seriousness of the matches got the best of some players. Lee Van Cortezza, Mike Dechaine and Shane Van Boening all missed relatively routine shots at crucial moments to cost them matches.

Van Cortezza lost to Ronnie Alcano and then had to fight to defeat Ralf Souquet and stay alive in the event. Van Boening lost to Jose Parica and was then eliminated by Larry Nevel. Dechaine lost to Tyler Edey after missing a seven ball at hill-hill and was eliminated from the event.

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