World Pool Championships Qualifying Tournaments

The Qualifying Events are being held in the same venue as the Final Stages of the World Championship - the Cardiff International Arena. From Saturday 5th July until Thursday 10th July, there will be TEN tournaments through which players can qualify in to the Main 128 Man Field.

The events scheduled as follows:
Saturday 5th Registration + Tournament 1 @ 12pm
Sunday 6th Tournament 2 @ 10am Tournament 3 @ 1pm
Monday 7th Tournament 4 @ 10am Tournament 5 @ 1pm
Tuesday 8th Tournament 6 @ 10am Tournament 7 @ 1pm
Wednesday 9th Tournament 8 @ 10am Tournament 9 @ 1pm
Thursday 10th Tournament 10 @ 10am
plus The One Rack Shoot Out
Friday 11th Rest Day
Saturday 12th Main Event Starts.

Players may play only once a day, so if you are entered in Tournament 2, you will not be able to play in Tournament 3. Likewise, Tournaments 4 and 5 are a pair as are tournaments 6 /7 and tournaments 8/9.

Tournaments 1 and 10 are linked and you may choose which one of these that you wish to play. This choice is restricted to the first 48 players who apply. This is the only optional choice. From Sunday to Wednesday you will be allocated an event and this is the only one that you can play in on that day.

Entry to Tournament 11 (the One Rack Shoot Out) is restricted to players who have played in a minimum of three tournaments. Players who reach the last 16 of Tournament 10 may only enter the One Rack Shoot Out at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Players signing up for the full five tournament package will be given their full itinerary for the week and will be given priority over casual players in the daily draws. There will be a maximum of 64 players in the 10am tournaments,

Facilities at the CIA for the Qualifying Tournaments are a step up from the club venues that have been used in previous years.

There will be 14 grade A tables (12 for play and 2 for practice) all fully equipped and in first class condition.

A Players Lounge will be available throughout the event. There will be Duty Referees on hand to resolve disputes and cover the final matches.

The Entry Fee to cover 5 tournaments plus free entry to the ORSO will be £350. You may enter individual events £80 each but places may be restricted in favour of players taking the five tournament option.

Accommodation: There is an extensive choice of hotels and guest houses starting from £18 per person per night upwards. There is an accompanying list and you can book direct with the venue of your choice. But please do not leave it until the last minute or you may be unable to find suitable accommodation


Tournament Information Doug Gordon +44 7939 235716 or

Hotel and General enquiries Brenda Smith+44 208 693 8311 /

General Information

All the 11 tournament winners will be entered into a predetermined place in the draw for the last 128 of the World Pool Championship which commences in the CIA on the Saturday following the qualifiers (12th July).

They will also receive an accommodation voucher to cover the period 11th July until 20th July inclusive. This will be for a double room at a nearby hotel and is transferable but non refundable.

They will also receive a prize money cheque which will be dependent on the daily entrant level. All (15) players placed 2nd to 9th in Tournaments 1 to 10 will receive identical prize money based on daily entrant level.

All payments will be made by cheque and players must sign to acknowledge receipt. Cheques may be cashed at the venue on the day following issue.

The only exception to this rule will cover money winners of Tournament 10 who will receive any prize money in cash two hours after the final.

Players may purchase a VIP Pass to the Players Lounge for £10 which will entitle them and one guest to enter this area for the duration of the qualifiers.

Two practice tables will be available at most times from 9am until 10pm. Due to high demand these can only be booked in 15 minute blocks and these timings must be observed in an amicable manner.

It is hoped to play the qualifying matches in a fair and sportsmanlike way. Any dispute must be referred to the referee (if present) or the Tournament Control Desk.

The Dress Code is informal but players are requested to maintain a smart appearance - no headwear, sleeveless shirts or short pants.

Players may only leave the table during a match if they are due to break the next rack - failure to observe this rule will mean FORFEIT of the next rack.

Players can only use the cues that they bring to the table before the match commences. Jump cues (minimum 1mtr long) and Break cues may be used but they must be with you when you first come to the table.

All matches are lag for break/winner breaks thereafter.

When players are called by the Control Desk they must report within five minutes. Failure to do so will incur a one rack forfeit. After a further five minutes they will lose a further rack and then five minutes later they will forfeit the match.

Scorecards must be completed and signed by both players and it is the responsibility of the winning player to ensure the notification of the result is recorded at the Control Desk.

Accommodation in Cardiff

IBIS HOTEL: Rate £48.95 per room per night including continental breakfast This hotel is at the back of the CIA (recommend you book before May 14th). Tel: 02920 649250

BIG SLEEP HOTEL: Rate From £55 per room per night including continental breakfast. This hotel is opposite the CIA (recommend you book before May 14th). Tel: 02920 636363

WYNFORD HOTEL: Rate £22 per person per night twin room £29 single room including breakfast. Ref/ WC/Qul CIA. This hotel is a short walk to CIA. Tel: 02920 371983

SANDRINGHAM HOTEL: Rate £45 Twin or Double room per night £40 single room including breakfast. Ref/ WC Qul CIA. This hotel is a short walk from the CIA bookings must be made before 20th June. Tel: 02920 232161

AUSTINS GUEST HOUSE: Rate £35 Twin room per night £25 Single room including breakfast. This Guest House is a short walk from CIA. Tel: 02920 377148

CARDIFF INTERNATIONAL BACKPACKER: This is a Hostel. One weeks accommodation is £220 for a twin room including breakfast share bathroom it is very basic but good value. Within walking distance of CIA. Tel: 02920 345577

The Main Event (Televised stages)

Dates: Saturday 12th - Sunday 20th July

Venue: Cardiff International Arena, Cardiff, Wales

Promoters: Matchroom Sport, Romford, Essex,England

Players: 128 ( 96 provided by WPA, 32 by Matchroom Sport )

Format: 16 groups of 8 players. Each player plays each other once, race to five, alternate break. At the end of the group section, the top four players in each group move into the last 64, the bottom four drop out the competition.

Last 64, race to 9, winner breaks,

Last 32, race to 9, winner breaks

Last 16, race to 11, winner breaks

Quarter Finals, race to 11, winner breaks

Semi Finals, race to 11, winner breaks

Final, race to 17, winner breaks

Prize-money: US$300,000
Winner $65,000 x 1 $65,000
Runner-Up $30,000 x 1 $30,000
Losing Semi $17,500 x 2 $35,000
Losing Quarter $ 8,500 x 4 $34,000
Losing Last 16 $ 4,000 x 8 $32,000
Losing Last 32 $ 2,000 x 16 $32,000
Losing Last 64 $ 1,500 x 32 $48,000
5th Place in Grp $ 1,000 x 16 $16,000
6th Place in Grp $ 500 x 16 $ 8,000

Hotels: A full selection at varying budgets. All enquiries to Alan Frasca of Shooting Star Travel

Tel: +44 208 669 0471 Fax: +44 208 401 2534

Dress Code: Smart / casual. Collared shirts must be worn, no jeans or trainers, no tuxedos / waistcoats / ties

Tables: Brunswick Gold Crown IVs

Cloth: Simonis 860

Balls: Saluc Super Aramith

Tickets: All tickets are free except the Final which are priced at £12 Available from the CIA Box Office on 02920 224488 or Matchroom Sport

WPA Representatives: Ian Anderson, Thomas Overbeck

Matchroom Sport Contacts:

Website: ( expected to be live by the end of April )