World Tournament of 14.1 Day 1: Martin vs Sigel Tomorrow

New Brunswick, New Jersey-  Overcoming mother nature, The World Tournament went on relatively unscathed on Day 1. Dragon Promotions accommodated players stuck in traffic, floods, and disaster zones to make their matches rearranging times in the grueling round robin format. 

A full field of 64 players started a full day of 14.1 at the beautiful Hyatt Regency Hotel in the  World Tournament arena. Oliver Ortmann overcame two cancelled flights, a whole day delay, arrival in a far off city, car rental and 4 hour drive to make his matches at a chance to defend his title and win a 3rd World Tournament 14.1 title.

"It was unbelievable. Three days of traveling and dealing with changes in cities, planes, etc. Even last night once we got near the hotel, the roads were closed so we had to stay at another nearby hotel till it cleared in the morning. And now I goto rest, and get ready for the evening matches", said Ortmann of his arduous journey.

Most of the top seeds advanced unscathed, including Ortmann. One upset was USA's Max Eberle win over former World 14.1 winner Stephan Cohen of France. Mika Immonen will have a tougher sleep when he led 95-30 against Dennis Hatch, before Hatch ran a 70 and out for the 100-95 win. "Alex did the same ting to me last night in the Warm-Up. When you miss in straight pool, you're not sure if you will shoot again", said hatch.  A glimmer of hope for the USA?

Ray Martin won his first 2 matches handily. The 76 year old super veteran ended his day on a high note to the delight and applause to the audience with his wins over Peter Burrows and Chris Riley. Tomorrow will be a tester as he faces Jose Parica, Oliver Ortmann, and a much anticipated  match with Mike Sigel!

"I'm not sure if we have ever played each other straight pool. Ray was just a little before my time", said Sigel.

"It feels nice to still win. Dragon Promotions has done such a wonderful job producing this event and promoting my induction into the 14.1 Hall of Fame. I think I'm going be very teary eyed on Wedneday night," said martin.

Ray Martin won the World 14.1 Championship in 1978. Sigel won the next year. This could be history in the making tomorrow night at 8:30pm!  The match will be live streamed on will be streaming matches starting from 10am to midnight tomorrow with many marquee matches with Ortmann, Sigel, Immonen, Martin, and many more 14.1 legends.

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