WorldPPA Shootout Results

Worldppa Founder and Promoter Bob Beaulieu and California Billiard Club Owner Chris Swart had their 2nd WorldPPA Shootout Tournament on July 24-25, 2010. The event was a huge success! There were 87 paid entries of which 28 players received a free paid entry from the WorldPPA. When the dust settled, there were 342 matches played by 11-C, 27-B, 38-A, 9-AA and 2-AAA players. Congratulations to Alan Lalic for his 1st place win!    Most players felt the handicapping was fair. Everyone likes the transparency of data and having the ability to see player statistics on-line; Jaide Billiard Service owner Ken Mendoza of Fresno, provided custom cue maintenance and repair at a very reasonable price and was a great service to many of the players.

1st Place Winner: $900.00 Alan Lalic had matches against Junne Padua 8/6 spot=2;Deo Alpajora 8/0
spot=5;Elmer Diwa 8/7 spot=4;CJ Robinson 8/7 spot=2;Frank Nordmann 8/6 spot=2;EZ Wadsworth 8/6 spot=2;loss to Mike Peregoy 4/8 spot=-2;EZ Wadsworth 8/4 spot=2 and a final win again Mike Peregoy. 2nd Place Winner: $500.00 Mike Peregoy had matches against Al Markasky 8/4 spot=5;Lee Tucker 8/6 even;Emerson Joiner 8/5 spot=4;Dante Rankin 8/7 spot=5;Mike Langarica 8/6 spot=2;Colin Mazaika 8/5 spot=5; Alan Lalic 8/4 spot=2 and a final loss again Alan Lalic.
3rd Place Winner: $325.00 EZ Wadsworth had matches against Daniel Kim 8/6 spot=-1;Ed Ames 8/4 even;Jason Lajore 8/5 spot=-1;Tony Kinney 8/6 spot=-1; loss to Alan Lalic 6/8 spot=-2;Dave Vincent 8/6 spot=2;Colin Mazaika 8/2 spot=2 and a loss to Alan Lalic 4/8 spot=-2. 4th Place Winner: $200.00 Colin Mazaika $200 had matches again Marty Carey 8/2 spot=-2;Dileepan Navay 8/6 spot=-5;Scott Mattingly 8/6 spot=-3;John Hernandez 8/6 spot=-1;Loss to Mike Peregoy 5/8 spot=- 5;Elmer Diwa 8/5 even and a loss to EZ Wadsworth 2/8 spot=-2
5th-6th Place Winners: $150.00 Elmer Diwa, David Vincent 7th-8th Place Winners: $100.00 Horia Udrea, Frank Nordmann 9th-12th Place Winners: $75.00 Ed Ames, John Hernandez, Mike Langarica, Tony Kinney 13th-16th Place Winners: $50.00 Alex Bradley, Emerson Joiner, Shin Hong, Dante Rankin Total prize fund for WorldPPA Shootout Tournament was $2,925.00 Pictures of the event can be seen at: