WPA and US Open 9-Ball Come to Terms

We are pleased to report to you all that the WPA has given us their blessing to work directly with Mr. Johnny Archer and the ABP in order to escrow the U.S. Open prize fund money with them.  We have asked Mr. Archer to agree to this because we are going all out this year and are on a “mission from god” as stated in the Blues Brothers movie to regain the trust from those who enjoy the game.

We have arranged to secure the added money of $50,000.00 in a joint account with the U.S. Open and the ABP by August 11, 2013.  In addition, all player entries will placed into this account as well. We would like to extend our appreciation to all involved, as we believe that this is a positive step in the right direction and this will help us reach our goal in proving to everyone that we have finally found a strategy that will allow us to pay all players without delay.  By moving to the Marriott, reducing the size of the staff, and making other strategic changes to our business plan we our certain that we will succeed this year.  We know we have a lot to prove and actions speak louder than words, and we look forward to proving it to all and making everyone happy.

As always, the prices at the U.S. Open will remain low. The Chesapeake Marriott will only be $89 a night when staying for 5 or more nights. The Hampton Inn is located next door and is only $79 a night.  All food and beverages will be priced reasonably as usual, per our request.  For more information on lodging please visit our website, usopen9ballchampionships.com


Johnny Archer, ABP President commented: “I would like to say that after a few years of mistakes by Barry that he and his partner Shannon Behrman Paschall along with the ABP have come to an agreement that is great for everyone involved. Players, sponsors, and most of all you fans. We did this because of one main reason; the future of the U.S. Open.  Barry is determined to make things right this year and to leave the Open in good hands with his beautiful and smart daughter Shannon who is also very passionate about the game. I am so excited to play in my 27th straight U.S. Open. Everyone let’s have a great time".