WPBA Final Eight Holds Some Surprises

Yu-Ram Cha

The WPBA US Open 9-Ball Championship is now down to just eight players and a handful of surprising names.

Don't look for Kim, Pan, Ouschan, Thornfeldt or Fisher in the final 4 matches. (Well, at least not that Fisher)  Instead, make way for Ranola, Cha and Cimarelli (formerly Treadway) in the brackets today.

Filipino sensation Iris Ranola completed the 1-2 combination of beating #1 ranked Allison Fisher and #2 ranked Ga-Young Kim to earn a match with Sarah Ellerby today. Not bad for only Ranola's second WPBA event.

Korean newcomer Yu Ram Cha will face Karen Corr in the second match today. Cha dropped a hill-hill decision to Sarah Ellerby in round three but bounced back with a dominating 9-4 win over Xiao-Ting Pan after the single elim redraw.

Match three will see Jeanette Lee taking on Pam Cimarelli. Cimarelli also dropped a match to Sarah Ellerby early in the event, but eliminated Kim Shaw 9-6 late Friday. Lee made her way into the final eight with a 9-3 win over Jasmin Ouschan on Friday.

The final match of the day will see Vivian Villarreal taking on Kelly Fisher. Villarreal lost to Karen Corr early in the event, but beat Monica Webb 9-2 on Friday night. Kelly Fisher was an early victim to Jasmin Ouschan, but eliminated Julie Kelly late Friday night.

All four matches will be under the ESPN lights. For results for all of these matches, check out the WPBA website.

Photos courtesy of Anne Craig