WPBA Welcomes New and Returning Sponsors and Affiliates

2010 will mark the 18th year of the Classic Tour and the WPBA is pleased to announce the new and returning sponsors and supporters:
APA  - Official Amateur League www.poolisfun.com 
SalucSA/Aramith - Official Ball Sponsor www.aramith.com
Cuetec – Official Cue Sponsor www.cuetec.com
Delta 13 - Official Rack Sponsor www.delta-13.com
Diamond - Official Table Sponsor www.DiamondBilliards.com
Simonis - Official Cloth Sponsor www.simoniscloth.com
Mueller Recreational Products – Advertiser www.muellerrecreationalproducts.com
PoolDawg – Advertiser www.PoolDawg.com
The Action Report – Live Stream Provider for San Diego Classic www.TheActionReport.com
The WPBA is pleased to welcome back the longest running sponsor of the WPBA Classic Tour, Cuetec Cues.  Through Imperial International, Cuetec will partner with the WPBA as the Official Cue of the 2010 Classic Tour.  “We have been proud sponsors of the WPBA for the past 15 years.  Part of our company's mission is to support the industry and one of the ways we meet this goal is through our support of industry associations,” Stuart Helfgott, Imperial USA.
American Poolplayers Association, The World's Largest Amateur Pool League, is another returning sponsor for the WPBA Classic Tour.  "The APA is proud to once again support the ladies of the WPBA.  This marks our 10th year sponsoring the Classic Tour, and we wish them the best of luck on another great season," Jason Bowman, APA Marketing and PR Manager.
 Iwan Simonis, The Cloth of Champions also returns to sponsor in 2010. “We look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with the WPBA” stated Ivan Lee, President of Iwan Simonis Incorporated, “Our commitment to the professional women pool players remains strong even through these challenging times that we face as an industry.”
 Aramith, the Belgian Billiard Balls also continues their partnership with the WPBA Classic Tour. Yves Bilquin, COO of SALUC SA /Aramith states, “We are proud to provide the official ball sets for the WPBA. With the San Diego event and other high end tournaments to come, Aramith is happy to contribute to their quality and success.” Aramith is introducing a new line of jewelry which can be viewed at www.aramith2wear.com.
A new supporter of the Classic Tour for 2010 is Delta-13, The True Triangle, by Executive Billiards. “The WPBA played an integral role in helping us design the ball rack that has now become their official rack. Naturally, we are thrilled to be working as a partner, helping to grow the sport and fan base. It's an honor to be associated with such an outstanding organization filled with exemplary members,” says Terry A. Taggart, Executive Billiards President. He continues, “This partnership has, as its foundation, many shared values and one of those is giving back to the communities.” Delta-13 is introducing a special “hot pink” Delta-13 Elite rack with 10% of all WPBA Official Rack sales benefiting the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  Taggart notes, “When players purchase the special "hot pink" Delta-13 Elite, they'll know they are helping to save lives.”
Diamond Billiard Products will also join the WPBA team as the Official Table of the 2010 Classic Tour. “DIAMOND is proud to have been selected as the Official Table of the WPBA.  We recognize the WPBA as one of the leaders in bringing professional pool to the masses and we look forward to building the DIAMOND brand in conjunction with the WPBA,” says Chad D. Scharlow, Vice President Diamond Billiard Products, Inc. “DIAMOND recognizes the commitment and hard work that the WPBA puts into their tour and hopes that this is only the beginning of a much broader relationship.”
The WPBA would also like to thank PoolDawg and Mueller Recreational Products for their support.
The WPBA will also partner with The Action Report to provide the live internet stream for the WPBA San Diego Classic March 10-13. Justin Collett of The Action Report invites fans to tune in, "Join us for some great matches featuring the finest women players in the world. The Live Coverage will feature interactive player interviews and commentary." Live tournament coverage begins Thursday at 11 A.M. daily and can be found at WPBA.com. A special WPBA Pro-Am featuring some of the organizations biggest stars, local VIP's and media personalities will also be streamed on Wednesday evening and fans are invited to watch online.
ESPN and the WPBA have joined forces for another three years and will continue to broadcast world-class events and female players all over the globe.  Here's a look at the 2010 ESPN/2 schedule:
2010 San Diego Classic - Semis & Final - Saturday, April 10, 12-3pm on ESPN2.
2009 Pacific Coast Classic - Quarterfinals - Saturday, May 1, 12-4pm on ESPN2.
2010 US Open - Quarterfinals: Sunday, Sept. 26, 1-5pm on ESPN2, Semis and Final: Sunday, Oct 3, 2--5pm on ESPN2.
2009 Great Lakes Classic - Semis & Final: Sunday, May 9, 1-3pm on ESPN2.
2009 WPBA Tour Championship - Semis & Final: Sunday, May 16, 3-6pm on ESPN2.
WPBA President John Rousseau expresses gratitude to all WPBA supporters, “Thank you very much for your support of the greatest female pool players in the world, the Women's Professional Billiard Association.  Personally this support provides me with some time, early in my term, to learn the past strategies and review each as candidates for improvement, redesign and prioritization. Thanks to the current members of the board, past members, players and friends of the tour, I am prepared to do what is necessary to grow our tour. That begins with working closer with our sponsors to develop strategies that enhance the fiscal benefit of sponsoring the WPBA. Thank you very much and your support will be rewarded.” 
For more information about the WPBA please visit WPBA.com.