Yalin Biliard Goods to Sponsor Karen Corr

Karen Corr and Yalin Billiard Goods have announced their new alliance. Yalin will be the official sponsor of Ms. Corr, currently ranked # 1 in the world with a 30% lead in points over her nearest competitor. This sponsorship will certainly awaken the world to the presence of Yalin tables. While looking to strategies that focus on the domestic market Yalin is also aiming for global development. Yalin exports its products to more than 70 countries including the USA, France, England, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates while extending their business to more than 20 national provinces and 51 cities in China.

Said Ms. Corr: "I am delighted to be part of this expanding company. It is an exciting time for the company. This sponsorship will allow me to concentrate very hard on my game, to give the best performance I can. Having such a great company behind me gives me the confidence in my game to continue to be the best player in the world"

In addition to billiard tables, Yalin also produces a full line of accessories including furniture such as spectator chairs.