Yang Wins Face-Off

Ching-Shun Yang

Ching-Shun Yang weathered Dennis Orcollo's fiery comeback to escape with a 50-45 win in Face Off Series 2-One More Time Wednesday night at the newly-opened Club Capo Exclusive in Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.

Yang saw his 25-19 lead in the opening day quickly vanish as Orcollo came up with a superb game and led by as many as five racks in the contest organized by Club Capo Exclusive in cooperation with Bugsy Promotions and JBET.net.

But the Taiwanese ace kept his composure and with the aid of some luck – accidentally pocketing a money-ball after missing a shot of the other object ball, among others – he regained the lead and coasted to victory that earned him $10,000 and kept his bragging rights over the Filipino money-game king.

“Luck played a part in my victory. Dennis is a very tough opponent and I really had a hard time beating him,” said Yang, known in Chinese-Taipei as the “Son of Pool.”

“I hope to play with him again as it's really exciting going up against one of the world's best cue artists.”

The Orcollo-Yang rematch is just the start of a series of challenge matches Club Capo is putting up.

The exclusive membership club is planning to pit eight other pairs of world-class cue artists each year.

After this first offering, Club Capo Exclusive will stage another blockbuster match featuring pool icon Efren “Bata” Reyes against his fellow Asian pool legend Fong-Pang Chao on October 28 and 29.

It has also lined up a match pitting former double world champions Ronnie Alcano and Ralf Souquet of Germany.

The second edition of The Philippines versus the World will be part of the Face-Off Series.

Club Capo Exclusive is also eyeing a match between Francisco “Django” Bustamante against American Rodney Morris and Lee Van Corteza opposite Shane Van Boening in November.

Other planned matches include a rematch between 2007 World Pool Championship finalists Roberto Gomez and Darryl Peach of England; Alcano versus fellow former world champion Chia-Ching Wu of Singapore; a scotch doubles match featuring the tandem of Efren “Bata” Reyes and Bustamante against the duo of Orcollo and Alcano, as well as the pair of Bustamante and Gomez versus Johnny Archer and Van Boening, and Alcano-Johann Chua opposite Yang-Pin-Yi Ko; and a duel between Reyes and Archer.