Zvi and Ramirez win Open-Pro/Amateur events on Predator Tour

Zion Zvi, spoke of a 'return to form' when he won an Open/Pro event on the Predator Tour back in April; his first on the Predator Tour (or any other tour, for that matter) in four years. Then, he won again in September, and now, on the weekend of October 10-11, coming from the loss side (as he did in September), he chalked up his third 2015 Predator Tour victory.  The $500-added Open/Pro event drew 16 entrants to Steinway Billiards in Astoria (Queens), NY.
In a concurrently-run Amateur tournament, Lidio Ramirez took the undefeated route to claim victory. The $500-added Amateur event drew 67.
Zvi's path to the Open/Pro winners' circle had to go through Sean Morgan twice and Jorge Rodriguez once. Zvi faced Morgan in one of the winners' side semifinals, while Rodriguez battled Mike Yednak. Morgan sent Zvi to the loss side 7-5, while Rodriguez sent Yednak over 7-4. Rodriguez claimed the hot seat 7-1 over Morgan, and waited on Zvi's return.
On the loss side, Zvi picked up Earl Strickland, who'd eliminated tour director Tony Robles 7-4 and Brian Yi 7-2. Yednak drew Jayson Shaw, who'd been sent to the loss side by Morgan, and then defeated Shawn Sookhai 7-2 and Lee Kang 7-3. Shaw shut Yednak out, while Zvi was eliminating Strickland 7-3. Zvi then ended Shaw's run 7-3 in the quarterfinals, and successfully downed Morgan 7-2 in their semifinal rematch. He completed his undefeated run through the field with a 9-6 win over Rodriguez in the finals.
On the Amateur side, Lidio Ramirez chalked up his first 2015 Predator victory to go along with two that he chalked up in 2014. He advanced to the winners' side semifinal against Juan Guzman, as Diana "Snooky" Rojas was facing Bob Toomey
Ramirez survived a double hill match versus Guzman, who'd come back from the loss side to challenge him in the finals, while Rojas sent Toomey wet 7-4. Ramirez claimed the hot seat 8-6 over Rojas and waited on the return or Guzman.
On the loss side, Guzman picked Sean Hoey, who'd defeated Dave Shlemperis 8-5 and Mike Corona 7-5, to reach him. Toomey drew Omar Chavez, recent winner over Mike Harrington 7-3 and Luis Jimenez 7-5. Chavez handed Toomey his second straight loss 7-2, and in the quarterfinals, faced Guzman, who'd eliminated Hoey 7-4.
Guzman took the quarterfinal match 10-7 over Chavez, and then spoiled Rojas' bid for a re-match versus Ramirez with an 8-6 win in the semifinals. Ramirez defeated Guzman a second time 7-4 to complete his undefeated run.