10 K Tour Stop #9 at Color of Money Billiards

Adam Monture and Mark Secord

A total of 72 players where at Color of Money Billiards this weekend of March 5-6 of 2005 Willy Hermoza, 10 K tour Director and Anna Hermoza along with Nello Robson and Kenny Chen from Pool Paradise where there to see that the tournament was a success. Mark Secord returned from the Viking Tour after landing a couple of events to be played at Color Of Money Billiards.

On Sunday there where 12 players returning for the money, the semi-final was between DJ McInley (9) and Al Maracle (7+) and promised to be very exhilarating. DJ McInley got to the 'hot seat' by besting Al Maracle by a 9-2 score, Al is the current champion of the last 10 K Tour stop at Bobby D's in Burlington, Ontario.

On the one loss side Dave McMahon (7+) defeats Derek Claus (8) 8-6
Terry Martin (7) over Jane Adams (4) by 7-1 score
Dan Doener (8) over Darcy McInley (6) 8-5
Jason Holdaway (8+) over Al Lougheed (8) 9-6
Dave McMahon (7+) over Terry Martin (7) 8-6
Dan Doener bested Jason Holdaway hill-hill

Adam Monture (7+) defeated Dave McMahon by a sound 7-1 tale of the tape
Dan Doener got a win over Kirk Rutherford (7+) 9-4
Adam Monture is on fire and goes by Dan 8-6

Now Adam Takes aim at Al Maracle and makes an easy out by a 7-1 score.

Adam aims at DJ McInley and goes hill-hill the first round and takes a chance again at the apple. With guns recharged, it is just business now.

It was all Adam and he cruised to a victory with no hesitations with the score reading 8-5, there can only be one and it was Adam's time to consort with lady Victory.

Congrats to all. See you all at Pool Paradise for # 10 on April 2-3 2005

Final Results
1- Adam Monture $2000 ** Calcutta
2- D J McInley $1000 ** Calcutta
3- Al Maracle $700 ** Calcutta
4- Dan Doener $400 ** Calcutta
5- Kirk Rutherford $300 ** Calcutta
6- Dave McMahon $300 ** Calcutta
7- Jason Holdaway $150 ** Calcutta
8- Terry Martin $150 ** Calcutta
9- Al Lougheed $40
10- Darcy McInley $40
11- Jane Adams $40
12- Derek Claus $40

The second chance tournament was won by:
1- Jeff Dick $140
2- Jun Pantalon $70
3- Tom Cacic $30
4- Richard Murray $30