10K Tour Stop 3 at Color Of Money Billiards

Eric Hildebrand

A total of 64 players were at Color Of Money Billiards this weekend of November 13- 14 2004. Nello Robson was the host of this event with the support of Kenny Chen from Pool Paradise and Sue Lemaigh from Bobby D's in Burlington.

The support for this tour is growing and the players where treated to an event that combined a mix of talents. On Sunday there where 12 players returning for the money, the final was between Eric Hildebrand and Jason Holdaway, safeties where traded with the players keeping each other side by side. Shot for shot each player took their turn and were very careful not to make an error.

The score is 6-5 for Jason, a mistake is made and gives ball in hand to Eric……. now is 6-6 on a race to 8 Eric runs the next rack to make it 7-6 for Eric. Jason scratches of the break, Eric takes the table…takes a 5 ball through a small opening and goes down and before you know is now on the 9.

Well done players.

Complete Results (including calcutta):
1st Eric Hildebrand $2100
2nd Jason Holdaway $1100
3rd DJ McInley $650
4th Martin Yacobazzo $400
5th/6th Rob Blair, Scott Yanke $300
7th/8th Ted Guerreri, Mackie MacArthur $170
9th/12th Doug Huether, Chris Orme, Derek Claus, Mark Hatch $60

The second chance tournament was won by:
1st Jeff Robson $200
2nd Rick Doel $90

Jeff Robson is our youngest pool player from the 10 K Tour and is coming along quite well. Congratulations Jeff