Canadian 20K Tour Stop # 7 at Shooters Billiards

Wonderful Scarborough, Toronto was the host city to the 20K Tour with 55 avid players. Desmond, Eric Hildebrand, Andrew Attard, Rob Brandenburg, Marcel Gauvreau, Jason Holdaway, Maureen Seto and many others where there along with Nello Robson and son Jeff and room owners from Bigwigs Rob Blair and Ken Botham to show their support.

Kenny Chen was nursing the family and was unable to attend much to his regrets.

Very good hosting and the food is delicious here, snooker is alive and well with visitors like Cliff Thorburn who make a regular practice stop with 20 tables and a good steady clientele.

Eight players returned Sunday at noon with the top A side match of Tol Kuy 7+ vs. Ken Botham 7+ by the score of 7-2 for Tol.

Bottom A side has George Cornelius 6 vs. Terry Horton 5+ with George taking the match 7-4.

The ?Hot Seat? was taking by Tol Kuy 7+ in a very decisive manner besting George Cornelius 6 with a score 8-2.

B side top bracket features Rob Blair 7+ vs. Desmond Cyanyi 8 with Rob winning by 8-4 score.
B side bottom has Brad Guthrie 6+ defeating Marcel Gauvreau 9 with the score of 7-5.
Now is Ken Botham vs. Rob Blair and is Ken 7-5.
Brad Guthrie vs. Terry Horton and is a quick 6-2 for Brad.
Brad Guthrie defeats Ken Botham by a 6-4 score.
Now Brad takes on George and Brad prevails 7-4.
Brad Guthrie earns His first trip back to face Tol Kuy who is eager to take the win and does that exactly with a 7-1 score.

Congratulations Tol Kuy, a true warrior and a good player.

Final Results

1- Tol Kuy $ 1700.00 ** Calcutta
2- Brad Guthrie $ 900.00 ** Calcutta
3- George Cornelius $ 600.00 ** Calcutta
4- Ken Botham $ 400.00 ** Calcutta
5- Rob Blair $ 180.00 ** Calcutta
6- Terry Horton $ 180.00 ** Calcutta
7- Marcel Gauvreau $ 50.00
8- Desmond Cyanyi $ 50.00

The second chance tournament was won by:

1- Rick Bellis $ 80.00
2- Raphael Balverde $ 40.00

Next week is stop # 8 at Landmark Billiards in Mississauga, see you there.