Sharp Claus Scratches Competitors at Canadian 20K Event

Mike Patrowicz and Derek Claus

A full field of 64 players participated in the Canadian 20K Tour this past weekend. It is one of the few handicapped tours in North America of this caliber, however most of the players are upper level in skill. The event was hosted by Bigwigs in Newmarquet, Ontario, where such national and regional top players as Dan Doerner, Andrew Attard, Marcel Gauvreau, Scott McDonald, Rob Brandenburg, Jason Holdaway, Dennis Rhodes, Hsin Huang, Kenny Chen and Rob Blair just to name a few played for the $2000 first place prize.

It was however, Derek "The Machine" Claus who went undefeated in this tough field and played flawlessly to take the top honor. The next stop will be at Pool Paradise in Waterloo and the last tour stop will be at Shooters in Scarborough. Please visit for further details.

Pay outs:
1- Derek Claus $2000 w/ Calcutta
2- Mike Patrowicz $1000 w/ Calcutta
3- Ken Botham $600 w/ Calcutta
4- Jason Holdaway $400 w/ Calcutta
5- Marcel Gauvreau $250 w/ Calcutta
6- Mike Baker $250 w/ Calcutta
7- Rob Brandenburg $60
8- Andrew Attard $60

Second chance winners are:

1- Brad Guthrie $90
2- Dan Trask $40