Claus Wins 10K Tour Stop 10

Willy Hermoza and Derek Claus

53 talented players participated in the 10th stop on the Canadian 10K tour at Pool Paradise this weekend. Kenny Chen and his staff from Pool Paradise made this stop very comfortable with their hospitality.

On Sunday, 8 players returned for the money. The semi-final was between Derek Claus (8) and Kenny Chen (7) where Derek gained his first trip to the ?hot seat? on this tour with the score of 8-3.

On the one loss side Al Maracle (7+) defeated Lester Miausken (8) 8-5.
Rick Hutching (6+) over Mike Leigh (6) by default.
Jeff White (9-1) bested Al Maracle (7+) 9-2
Jason Holdaway (8+) defeats Rick Hutchings (6+) 8-2

Jason Holdaway over Jeff White 8-5.

Kenny Chen sent Jason Holdaway to third place with a score of 7-5 and got his chance to play Derek again. Derek was not going to settle for second at all and took the victory crown with a sound 8-5 score.

Congrats to the Pool Paradise players for a good show.

Final Results
1st Derek Claus $2100 ** Calcutta
2nd Kenny Chen $1200 ** Calcutta
3rd Jason Holdaway $700 ** Calcutta
4th Jeff White $450 ** Calcutta
5th/6th Rick Hutchings, Al Maracle $200 ** Calcutta
7th/8th Lester Miausken, Mike Leigh $40

The second chance tournament was won by:
1st Randy Fawcett $140
2nd Jeff Dick $70
3rd Jim Stewart $30
4th Al Keillor $30