2005 Masters 9-Ball Championships

The excitement is rising for the 2005 Masters 9-Ball championships. We are expecting a full field of 128 players for the reincarnation of the Masters that is being held at Q-Master Billiards in Virginia Beach, Virginia July 26-30, 2005. This event is $10,000.00 added with the entry fee of $200.00. “I am excited to have the Boys back in my Room” said Barry Behrman, Founder and Promoter of the U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships. “This event gets me excited as I not only prepare for the Masters but also for the upcoming 30th annual U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships.”

We encourage all players to signup for the Masters and we are sure we will also see you at the 30th U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships.

Event Details:
2005 Masters 9-Ball Championships
July 26-30, 2005: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Format and Details can be found at http://www.q-masters.com/masters.php . You can signup online at http://www.billiardhq.com/

Prizefund Breakdown (Based on 128 Players):
1st: $7,500.00
2nd: $5,000.00
3rd: $3,500.00
4th: $2,500.00
5th-6th: $1,750.00
7th-8th: $1,200.00
9th-12th: $800.00
13-16th: $600.00
17th-24th: $400.00
25th-32nd: $300.00

30th Annual U.S.Open 9-Ball Championships
September 19-25, 2005: Chesapeake, Virginia

Format, Details and More at http://usopen9ballchampionships.com/

You can signup online and purchase seats at http://www.billiardhq.com/

Phone Contact: 757-499-8900
Email: info@usopen9ballchampionships.com