Masters Ten Ball Championship Updates

AZBilliards wishes to reassert that the Masters Tournament is a Ten Ball event. We had listed it as a 9-Ball event but promoters Shannon Paschall and Barry Behrman called to correct us and we want to make sure you all know that it is Ten Ball. The event will run from March 1-5 at the Chesapeake Convention Center, same site as the US Open 9-Ball Championship.

VIP seats and player entry fees for this event can be transacted beginning January 10. A five day pass is only $150, a four day pass can be had for $135 and a three day pass is only $120. Get all the details you need and sign up for your seats beginning January 10, 20011 at the official website for the event:

Amateurs please remember that the Masters will have an APA side-by-side event that will have you playing under the same roof as the pros! Contact your local APA league operator for more information or visit the official website.

Also, if you are a vendor at the US Open 9-Ball Championships you have 'first dibs' on the limited vendor space that will be available at the Masters. Give Barry a buzz at 757-499-8900 before January 7, 2011 to nail down your spot.