2005 Masters ready to begin

The 2005 Masters 9-Ball Championships will kick off at 12 noon Wednesday at Q-Masters Billiards in Virginia Beach, VA.

Spots are still open in this event and are a great opportunity to compete with some of the top players in the game including Francisco Bustamante, Corey Deuel, Shawn Putnam, Jose Parica, Santos Sambajon, Mike Davis and Scott Frost.

Entry fees are $200 and can be paid at the door.

2005 Masters 9-Ball Championships
$10,000 Added Guaranteed ~ $200.00 Entry ~ Open to 128 Players

Pro Express Rules.
Race to 9, Double Elimination. Finals will be One Race to 11

VIP Seats (50 Theater Seats Available) $100.00/Week
Daily General Admission: $5.00/Day ~ $5.00/Night
Players will receive One General Admission Spouse Pass Only

Prizefund Breakdown based on 128 players:

1st: $7,500.00
2nd: $5,000.00
3rd: $3,500.00
4th: $2,500.00
5th-6th: $1,750.00
7th-8th: $1,200.00
9th-12th: $800.00
13-16th: $600.00
17th-24th: $400.00
25th-32nd: $300.00

Promoter: Barry Behrman
Tournament Director: Scott "The Shot" Smith