2018 US Open 8-Ball Championship Matches Released on YouTube

CSI is pleased to announce that recorded matches from the 2018 US Open 8-Ball Championship have been released on the CSI YouTube Channel. Seventeen (17) videos featuring many of the world's best players such as Shane Van Boening, Alex Pagulayan, Skyler Woodward, Thorsten Hohmann, Dennis Orcollo, Corey Deuel, Eklent Kaci and more can be viewed in their entirety – absolutely free!
The 2018 US Open 8-Ball Championship was held July 21-24 at Griff's Billiards in Las Vegas, NV and was made possible by the following sponsors:
CueSports International (CSI): www.playcsipool.com
Griff's Bar & Billiards: www.griffslv.com
​Simonis Cloth: www.simoniscloth.com
Match 1: Mitch Ellerman (USA) vs Chris Robinson (USA)
Match 2: Eklent Kaci (Albania) vs Rory Hendrickson (USA)
Match 3: Skyler Woodward (USA) vs Omar Al-Shaheen (Kuwait)
Match 4: Ernesto Dominguez (Mexico) vs Alex Olinger (USA)
Match 5: Chris Robinson (USA) vs Jeffrey De Luna (Philippines)
Match 6: Billy Thorpe (USA) vs Dennis Orcollo (Philippines)
Match 7: Dennis Hatch (USA) vs Brandon Shuff (USA)
Match 8: Corey Deuel (USA) vs Josh Roberts (USA)
Match 9: Shane Van Boening (USA) vs Eklent Kaci (Albania)
Match 10: Oscar Dominguez (USA) vs James Aranas (Philippines)
Match 11: Dennis Orcollo (Philippines) vs James Aranas (Philippines)
​Match 12: Alex Pagulayan (Canada) vs Eklent Kaci (Albania)
Match 13: Shane Van Boening (USA) vs Oscar Dominguez (USA)
Match 14: Alex Pagulayan (Canada) vs Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) HOT SEAT MATCH
Match 15: Shane Van Boening (USA) vs Dennis Orcollo (Philippines)
​Match 16: Shane Van Boening (USA) vs Thorsten Hohmann (Germany) SEMI-FINAL MATCH
Match 17: Alex Pagulayan (Canada) vs Shane Van Boening (USA) FINAL MATCH
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