Abbink wins CWPT Championship

Anita Mcmahon, JD Botsford, & Rachael Abbink

The first ever CWPT Championship "Queen of the Mountain", was held on November 20-21, 2004, at Dooly's in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. With a $1000 added by JD Botsford, the room owner, which included a WPBA qualifying spot sponsored by Dooly's, Jeff Bell Custom Cue, Hallmark Billiards, Tiger Products, Native Jewellery and Kings Custom Cases, the event drew in 23 top players including Rachael "Road Warrior" Abbink, who won the championship cup, the WPBA Qualifier package and a Jeff Bell Custom cue prize.

"We like to thank all our sponsors for a successful season", said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Canadian Women's Pool Tour and our staff and members for their dedication to this tour.

The tour awards ceremony was held prior to the tournament, with cash and prizes awarded to the winners in various awards categories. The Overall 1st Prize for tour points was awarded to Naomi Williams ($360.00), 2nd Place to Sheryl Richmond ($180.00), and 3rd Place to Sharlene Watkinson ($60.00). Most 9-Ball on the Breaks Award was presented to Anne Beattie (trophy and Tiger products), and most 9-Ball Runs went to Naomi Williams (trophy and Tiger products). An award was also given to the Most Improved Player, decided by a vote, and Sheryl Richmond earned this most prestigious award; proving her ability when she placed 5th/6th in the Championship Event. Great job Sheryl! Best attendance was raffled off with a prize cash fund of $100.00 to split between Sophie Houle and Darlene Gardiner. Each best attendance player received a free copy of Inside Pool magazine.

The match for the Hot Seat saw Rachael Abbink, (defeated Anita McMahon (7-2), Sophie Houle (7-1) and Denise Belanger (7-4)) versus Naomi Williams, CWPT Tour Champion. Spectators anxiously watched the match to see who would win the A-Side. The score was 2-2 and Naomi took the break, but nothing went in and Rachael took control of the table went ahead with a score of 3-2. But Naomi pulls one of her famous crunches on the table by banking the 7, cutting the 8-ball and with perfect shape on the 9. Naomi scores 3 more matches bringing the match 5-3. Rachael needed to stay focus and by playing the table and superb stroke, she returns the favour by taking 2 racks. The match went hill-hill. Rachael breaks and nothing went in. Naomi runs the table and fell short on the 7-ball and left an easy 7-ball to her opponent; Rachael finishes the match (7-6) sending Naomi to the one-loss side.

In the B-Side quarterfinal matches, Denise took the lead 4-0, but the table turned around for Anita as Denise failed to pocket balls on the break, plus scratches and Anita's solid safeties that prevented Denise from running out the tables. Anita won the match with a score of (7-5) and Denise took 5th/6th place. After Cathy Lafreniere defeated Sheryl Richmond (7-4), she faced Anita in the quarterfinals. Anita was determined to stay on top, taking control of the table she pulls a few masse, hooks and run outs leading the score (7-4) and Cathy takes 4th place.

In the semi-final match Anita took on Naomi Williams. Early in the match Anita and Naomi are tied with a score 2-2. Anita plays strong taking 3 matches more scoring 5-2. Naomi well known for her crunching takes 3 more games off Anita. The match is tied 5-5. Anita needed to stay in the game to face Rachael in the finals. Anita played a few good hooks and safeties. Naomi wasn't able to take control the table and Anita takes two more games. With a score 7-5 Naomi settles for 3rd place. Once again at the hot seat first set of the final match, Anita wins the lag and breaks the first rack. Spectators excitedly watch two female pool players competing to win the Qualifier Tournament. Anita, the B-Side winner, must beat Rachael twice (two races to 7). Anita breaks first and runs the first rack leading the score 1-0. Game 2, Anita misses and Rachael runs out the rack from the 2-ball, thus tying the score 1-1. Both players taking advantage with one another missing and the other running out. With an amazing break and run, Anita makes the match hill-hill.

Rachael's turn to break and she doesn't sink a ball. Anita can't see the 1-ball and pushes out. Rachael didn't like the leave either and gives it back to Anita. Anita tries to sink the 1-ball but misses. Rachael plays a solid hook on the 1-ball, but Anita hits the 1-ball and lands safe. Rachael misses the shot. Anita makes a great breakout on the 8 and runs the two to the six-ball but sets herself tough on the 7-ball. Anita makes the 7-ball but scratches and with ball in hand, Rachael runs out the table and wins The Queen of the Mountain Champion Qualifier Stop.

Championship Payout
1st Place - Rachael Abbink - $1500.00 (including cash, WPBA package and Jeff Bell custom cue)
2nd Place - Anita McMahon - $330.00
3rd Place - Naomi Williams $225.00
4th Place - Cathy Lafreniere - $165.00
5th/6th Place - Sheryl Richmond, Denise Belanger - $90.00

Amateur Payout (Longest Lasting)
1st Place - Sophie Houle - $250.00
2nd Place - Krista Walsh - $100.00 plus Brunswick Cue 3rd Place - Penny Devos - $50.00 plus Cue Tec Cue