Anita McMahon breaks a CWPT record at Tour Stop 7 Bell Custom Cues WPBA Qualifier

Anita McMahon, JD Botsford Manager of Dooly's Waterloo and Naomi Williams

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its last tour event at Dooly's, Waterloo, on October 22 - 23, 2005. With a $1,000 added including the WPBA Qualifier package sponsored by Jeff Bell Custom cues, Native Jewellery and Tiger Products, the event drew 26 players including CWPT record breaking winner Anita McMahon. Including this most recent event, Anita has won three consecutive WPBA Qualifiers.

Dooly's Waterloo, managed by JD Botsford, is home to many CPA, CCS and TAP league teams. "Dooly's has been a great host to the CWPT. We are extremely happy with their great service and hospitality." said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Canadian Women's Pool Tour. In addition to pool and dart league nights, Dooly's also hosts a poker tournament on Sunday nights.

Anita McMahon dominates in the event claiming the Hot Seat, sending, among others, tour point leader Terri Mason (7-2), and Pro player Grace Nakamura (7-3) to the one loss bracket.

The B-side matches had surprising results. Grace Nakamura was looking for another rematch with Anita, but history did not repeat itself, as Maureen Seto steps up to the plate sending Grace Nakamura home with a 5th/6th finish. Maureen Seto, a WPBA pro player, was ready to take on some action with Naomi "Cruncher" Williams. Naomi Williams played great on Saturday night as she fought long and hard to come back on Sunday. Will she pull it off? In this round, Naomi's power break and skill was proven in this match. With a 7-4 score, Seto settles for 4th place.

In the B-side final match, Terri "Tiger" Mason challenged Naomi Williams. Who will stay on to see Anita? Is it the ex-tour point leader Naomi Williams or the new tour point leader Terri Mason? Naomi takes 5-3 lead after a rattled shot on the 9-ball from a tight corner shot. But Terri wasn't going to give up! From the alternating break, she runs out the next rack, but Naomi gets back in the match and the score is 6-4. Naomi is on the Hill in this Race to 7 format. Naomi breaks and plays safe on the 1-ball. Terri tries to defend herself, but lands a bad leave for an easy combo shot. Naomi takes the combo and her revenge! Naomi is back to take on Anita McMahon and Terri Mason settles for 3rd place.

Naomi Williams faces her challenger Anita McMahon. In this final match, Naomi has to win two sets to take the title. But Anita played amazing! In game 3, Anita was hooked on the 8-ball which was hidden behind the 9-ball. She checks the shot and decides to masse, and what a masse it was! Anita kicks the 8-ball and hooks Naomi. Nice play! Naomi couldn't make the hit on the 8-ball, thus giving Anita ball-in-hand. Anita finishes the rack and takes a leading score of 2-1. In game 5, another great shot was pulled off by Anita. Anita played a tough but bold move by slicing the 7 in the corner and thus landing perfect shape on the 8-ball. The score is now 4-1. In the next 3 rounds Anita was in total control and with a misfortunate miscue by Naomi, tough hooks and combo shot to boot, Naomi didn't have a chance! With 7-1 final score, Naomi settles for 2nd place and Anita wins the Bell Custom cue WPBA Qualifier Event.

With the 3rd place finish, Terri Mason keeps her position as the point leader in the Tiger Canadian Women's Tour. Terri Mason has played an outstanding tour year. With two consecutive wins, placing in the money almost every event, and after winning the New York State Championship, her future is very bright! We will see her as an up-and-coming player in the WPBA pro tour. Way to go, Terri!

Thanks for all those who participated in the second CWPT Season!

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour will have their final event of the season at the Wooden Rack in Mississauga, Ontario on November 26 - 27, 2005. Members must have played in two regular season events to qualify for the Championship event. All registered members in the event will receive a tour jacket sponsored by Corporate Graphics. The event is handicapped and there will be $1,000 added.

Total Purse: $1,060.00 plus WPBA Qualifier package (includes $1,000.00 added):

1st Place - Anita McMahon - $200.00 + WPBA Qualifier Package ($600.00)
2nd Place - Naomi Williams - $300.00
3rd Place - Terri Mason - $190.00
4th Place - Maureen Seto - $140.00
5th/6th Place - Grace Nakamura/Sharlene Watkinson - $90.00
7th - (Longest Lasting Amateur player) - Loureen Toutant C+ - $50.00

Sunday Second Chance payout $90.00

1st Place - Donna Sasges- $60.00
2nd Place - Corrine Johnson - $30.00