Archer wins Carolinas 9-Ball Division

Johnny Archer

Johnny Archer has won the Carolinas Open 9-Ball Division with an undefeated run through the field of 121 players.

Archer had wins over Scott Frost and Rodney Morris on the way to the match for the hot-seat where he beat Shannon Daulton.

While Archer was defeating Daulton for the hot-seat, Jeremy Jones was coming back from the brink of elimination to beat Rodney Morris. Morris led the match with Jones 10-6, but was forced to watch as Jones ran the final five racks for the hill-hill win.

The five racks that Jones ran against Morris was impressive, but he was just getting warmed up. Jones took complete control of the semi-final match with Shannon Daulton, running 9 straight racks and leading 10-0 before Daulton had even made a ball. Daulton managed to win one rack before Jones finished off the match 11-1.

This set up the final match between Archer and Jones, a rematch of the finals from earlier this month at the Big Apple 9-Ball Challenge. In that earlier match, Archer took a big lead and Jones came back to tie the match before Archer won it. This time though, it was Jones with an early 9-4 lead and Archer clawing back to take control of the match. Archer took advantage of balls going in on the breaks and won eleven of the next thirteen games for the 15-11 win.

Archer earned $4500 for first place, while Jones settled for $3000. Daulton and Morris filled out the top four spots. The first place prize money added to his winnings at the Big Apple 9-Ball Challenge brought Archer's total winnings to $14,500 for the month so far.

Complete Payouts:
1st Johnny Archer $4500
2nd Jeremy Jones $3000
3rd Shannon Daulton $2000
4th Rodney Morris $1000
5th/6th Leil Gay, Ryan McCreesh $750
7th/8th Dave Bollman, Tony Watson $500
9th/12th David Crocker , Ray Martin, Scott Frost, Dennis Hatch $400
13th/16th Dan Lavoie, Tommy Cooke, Steven Page, David Gutierrez $325
17th/24th Jimmy Faircloth, Sam Monday, Tony Chohan, Tony Crosby, Tommy Briscoe, Jack Stenner, Larry Nevel, Earl Strickland $100