Attard wins Canadian 20K Tour Season Opener

Andrew Attard and Ramon Mistica

59 players were at the debut of the Canadian 20K Tour at Landmark Billiards on the weekend of September 10th-11th of 2005. Many thanks to owner Tony Coelho. His hospitality is second to no one. His love for the game is obvious and we all had a wonderful time.

Lots of new faces greeted the new 20K Tour in this first event of the new season, most of the players said they loved the new format.

We had players like Raymond Cruz, Mike Roberts, Abby Chang, Ramon Mistica, Andrew Attard, Craig Cochrane, Al Maracle, John Morra, Desmond Cyanyi and Jason Holdaway to name a few.

On Sunday there where 8 players returning for the money.

Andrew Attard got to the "hot seat" by besting Ron Ranalli by a 10-4 score, Ron Ranalli plays as a 5+ handicap and this day, he shot from the hip (power house break).

On the one loss side Craig Cochrane (8+) defeated Brad Guthrie 6+ on a hill-hill match after Brad scratched on the 9 ball that would have given him the victory.

Ramon Mistica 9+ (aka "Master") over newcomer Bob Reid 5+ by 9-2 score. Bob played very well.

That made it Craig Cochrane 8+ vs. Mike Parkins 7+ and Craig prevailed by a 8-5 score.

Ramon Mistica 9+ vs. Mike Roberts 9 and Ramon took the win by a 10-4 score.

Then it was Ramon vs. Craig and Ramon prevailed in a hill-hill match.

Ramon then took Ron Ranalli 9-4. Ron played very well indeed. Ramon Mistica earned a trip back to face Andrew Attard again, since it was Andrew who sent him to the other side of the board.

Andrew has to lose twice to the winner of the B side, but just in case, he took the first set and put an end to this tournament. Congratulations Andrew

See you all at Color of Money Billiards (905) 353-1500 for the second stop September 17th-18th, 2005

Final Results:
1st- Andrew Attard $ 1700.00 ** Calcutta
2nd- Ramon Mistica $ 900.00 ** Calcutta
3rd- Ron Ranalli $ 600.00 ** Calcutta
4th- Craig Cochrane $ 310.00 ** Calcutta
5th- Mike Parkins $ 180.00 ** Calcutta
6th- Mike Roberts $ 180.00 ** Calcutta
7th- Bob Reid $ 70.00
8th- Brad Guthrie $ 70.00

The second chance tournament was won by:
1- Dan Miosi $ 140.00
2- Bobby Drawns $ 70.00