Balabushka Cue Company Introduces New “Blonde” Performance Billiard Chalk

PHOENIX, AZ, JUNE 26, 2013:  In their time-honored tradition of excellence, Balabushka Cue Company is pleased to present the “NEW” Balabushka Blonde chalk that promises to deliver just like Balabushka Blue. The new color was designed specifically for “ALL” lighter colored felts and cloths and was  tested against the most commonly used lighter-colored chalk (Tan) and found the “NEW” Balabushka Blonde to be one to three shades lighter on  many  popular colors such as: Camel, Gold, Taupe, Khaki, Espresso, Mocha, Brown, Olive, & Grey. It also blended better than Balabushka Blue on darker colors such as Red, Burgundy and Wine. In addition, the new Blonde color keeps ferrules and shaft wood looking and feeling cleaner.
This chalk was tested against other standard chalk brand colors, and it was discover that it doesn’t have to match because cleanliness is colorblind.  Now you can play with chalk that is five to six times cleaner than other brands on any color felt or cloth with Balabushka Blue or Blonde, Performance Chalk.
Now the choice is simple!
Just like the blue color that was introduced a year ago, this chalk adheres to your cue tip, making frequent chalking a thing-of-the-past.  It grips the cue ball, allowing for superior ball control.  Also, Balabushka Performance Chalk produces very little dust residue, keeping the table, balls and your hands cleaner throughout your entire match.  Distribution has launched to billiard retailers throughout the United States and Internationally.
In the spirit of George Balabushka, and his philosophy on excellence, the Balabushka Cue Company, LLC, located in Tempe, Arizona, promises to maintain that same level of excellence on every item produced under his trademarked name.