Big Red Wins in Barrie

Erik Hjorleifson, Brian Bedford and Mike Roberts

The third stop for the Canadian 30K Tour 2006 was held in the city of Barrie. Brian Bedford and staff at Dunlop Billiards hosted the event.

The field of 37 players included quite a few heavy hitters including Jason Holdaway, Aaron Thomas, Erik Hjorleifson, Mike Roberts, Shane Gummerson, Norm Glover, Shawn Miller, George Cornelius, Naomi Williams, Al Lougheed and new senior player Robert Capistrand.

The "Hot seat" match was between friends "Big Red" Erik Hjorleifson (handicap 9+) and Mike Roberts (handicap 9) (match is 10-9) and "Big Red" prevails with a 10-5 score. On the one loss side Marco Hardey (handicap 5) played equally ranked Jeff Robson (handicap 5). Robson jumped to a quick 2-0 lead. However, that lead was short lived as Hardey caught up to tie it up 3-3. Next the tables turn completed as Hardey wins the 7^th game to make the score 4-3 then snaps the 9 on the break to take the match 5-3. Robson settles for 5/6 place. Brian Bedford (handicap 7) mounts a battle against George Cornelius (handicap 7+) (match is 7-8) and they both get to the hill where Cornelius triumphs.

In the quarter finals it was Cornelius (7+) vs. Marco Hardy (5) (match is 8-5). Cornelius dominates and leaves no doubt with 8-2 score. Now in the semi-finals it was Roberts (9) vs. Cornelius 7+ (match is 10-8) despite the excellent play from Cornelius all day, Roberts prevails 10-6. George

The finals was a case of deja-vu as Roberts finds his way back to see the friend that previously sent him to the one loss side to seek revenge. However, again "Big Red" was in unstoppable form and only gave up one more game than his earlier match and beats Roberts 10-6. Hjorleifson has now taken 2 out of 3 stops.

All players that went two and out were entered into a drawing to be held at the tour finals. At the finals a name will be pulled from all the entered names and he/she will be rewarded with a prize and cash for their support. The drawing prize will not be less than $500.00. The more tournaments a person enters the better odds they have in the drawing as each tournament represents one entry. Depending on the tour participation more prizes may be added as part of the two and out drawing prize package.

The next Canadian 30K Tour stop, scheduled this weekend is at Shooters in beautiful Scarborough, Toronto. Address and contact room number:

1448 Lawrence Ave. East
Scarborough, Toronto
(416) 750- 7787

The pay outs are:
1. Erik Hjorleifson $ 1350.00 ** Calcutta
2. Mike Roberts $ 750.00 ** Calcutta
3. George Cornelius $ 470.00 ** Calcutta
4. Marco Hardy $ 240.00 ** Calcutta
5. Brian Bedford $ 70.00
6. Jeff Robson $ 70.00