Blonde Ambition

Brittany Bryant

On March 7 – 8, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour kicked off its first event at Big Wigs for the 2009 season and what a start we had.  Players came out from as far as Montreal and Ohio.  We even had returning champion, Rachael Abbink bless us with her presence, which set the bar for some quality pool playing.  With a $500.00 added event sponsor by Tiger Products, twenty-six ladies signed up in this handicapped event which made it a tough field for the bigwig's such as; Naomi Williams, Veronique Menard, Grace Nakamura and Tina Meraglio who drove all the way from Ohio.  What a trooper!!!

On Sunday saw the returning of 8 players: Naomi Williams, Darlene Gardiner, Rachel Abbink, Brittany Bryant, Janet Ritcey, Sophie Houle, Leslie Pasieka, and Loreen Toutant.  During the hot seat match, the field grew smaller as Gardiner took out Houle (7-2) and Ritcey (7-4).  At the quarter final, Bryant ousted Gardiner (8-2) and Abbink (8-7) in the semi final sending them all to the B side board.  

At the one loss side, the field was still tough!  But Abbink made it back to hot seat as she took down Houle (8-2), Williams (8-7) and Gardiner (8-2) who settled for 3rd place in the semi final B-side match.  

As the final match has been called many spectators sat closely to see this special match moment.  Who will win? Will it be the experience Pro Player Abbink or the youngest new Pro Player Bryant?  “There comes a time in a girl's life where she desires a passion for something that catches her interest, said Denise Belanger.   Just ask Brittany Bryant, the young 17 year old women's world junior champion, from Guelph, Ontario, and Rachael Abbink, aka The Road Warrior, the two finalists of the tournament.  I call this a blonde ambition!!!  There's nothing like walking into a pool hall and seeing two very talented, pretty young women who can shoot a mean stick.  What do you say boys?  If you've never played these two ladies, I might reckon you give it a try at a tournament posted over, you might just learn something!!!”

In this true double elimination match, the finals started off a little shaky for Abbink, as it seemed she kept missing her cut shot up the rail, which Bryant took advantage right off the bat and was up 3-0.  Games 4-10 ended up being a see saw battle with safeties, bank shots and jump shot's with Bryant leading by a score of 7-3, followed by Abbink winning game 11.  Bryant would then break and run in game 12 and follow it up with the match winning shot in game 13.  Congratulations are in order to Brittany Bryant for an outstanding tournament.

The Canadian Women's Pool Tour would also like to thank Bigwigs' for hosting the very first event of the season and for the hospitality we received from all staff.  Keep up the great work!