BSCP Replies to BMPAP Press Release

Ed. note: The recent Press Release from the BMPAP published here on the AZB front page continued and reaffirmed the conflicts that are raging in the Philippine pool world. In order to present the viewpoints of all concerned, AZB has contacted the principles that represent the other side in this argument. These principles include BSCP president Sebastian Chua, the BSCP board of directors and chairman Yen Makabenta. 

(It should be noted that the term "BSCP" is itself embroiled in controversy. The APBU (the governing body of pool for Asia) continues to recognize the BSCP headed by Mr. Chua until the current court case between the BMPAP (the 'new' BSCP) and the BSCP as it has been known up until this point as represented by Mr. Chua and his group is settled. The APBU will then recognize whichever group the courts determine have the right to the title.) -End of Ed. note.

When AZB contacted Mr. Chua and his board and asked them to comment on the BMPAP Press release they supplied us with the following:

1. WPA through Gre Leenders issued the invitation to play to the three players back in April per its policy of granting automatic entries to players in the top 8 in WPA rankings (for 64-player tournament) and the top 16 (for 128-player event).  Subsequently, Ian Anderson told Verna Mariano of Bugsy that the three players cannot enjoy this privilege while boycotting the Philippine Open. Mrs. Mariano then came back to him to say that they (Dennis Orcollo, Ronnie Alcano and Warren Kiamco) would play in the Philippine Open.

2. Because the WPA and the APBU recognize our BSCP group as the official federation for billiards in the Philippines, Anderson informed us of this development and requested that BSCP enable the three players to play in the Philippine Open, the China Open and the Qatar Open.  BSCP president Sebastian Chua issued an invitation to the three players to meet with him on Wednesday, May 13, so that arrangements for their participation could be discussed. He assured them that it is BSCP's "desire to enable them to represent our country in these important tournaments." None of the players or their representatives came to the meeting or sent any message as to why they could not attend.

3. When Raya issued a press release about the Philippine Open kicking off the WPA world ranking tour (published in AZBilliards), it mentioned at its tailend that in addition to 7 Filipinos who had earned spots in the Open, the three players (Alcano, Kiamco and Orcullo) were qualified to play (according to the WPA) by virtue of their top 10 ranking.  BMPAP (Mariano, Puyat or whomever) then issued its press release that the three would not play in the Philippine Open. And went on to spread several lies, namely:

    A)  That the three were never invited. False. WPA and BSCP formally notified them by letter and verbally.
    B)   That BSCP imposed the condition that they sign up as members of our BSCP group. False. No such condition was set. BSCP was prepared to give them "playing status" in the three open events; it only wanted to make sure that it would not be disrespected by the players and their managers once their participation was officially announced. Note that Alcano and Orcullo signed several BMPAP manifestos denouncing the BSCP leadership and severing ties with the federation.
    C)   That Raya was giving appearance fees to foreign players, while denying the same to Filipino players. A total lie. The WPA and the APBU know this.  

4. It should also be mentioned that before the three players (and their managers) made public their position about not playing, Perry Mariano initiated discussions with former BSCP president Ernie Fajardo and Yen Makabenta about resolving differences with our group. We welcomed this dialogue, but this got derailed when the proposed meeting with the three players was snubbed by the BMPAP and their players.

5. Raya Sports started preparations for the Philippine Open with no expectations about any of the BMPAP players joining because of the hostile position of their managers to us and our BSCP group. Our planning, our marketing, our publicity, etc. made no mention of them in any way -- except for that one release last week owing to the WPA info given us. The Open will go on as scheduled with over a hundred players participating in its qualifying stage and main draw. And we are confident it will be a success.

At this point, we at BSCP, Raya, Star Billiards and the Philippine Billiards Foundations could not care less about the schemes and antics of the BMPAP managers. All they do now is try to disrupt our programs, because all their big plans (the professional team league, international tournaments, etc.) have not gotten off the ground. They have nothing going at all now. Everyone knows this here, the players most of all. It's time the entire world pool community knows this too. The only thing propping up the managers are a few quality players in their wing. But it is their careers and opportunities that are being compromised and hurt by all the scheming of the BMPAP managers.

-End of reply from the BSCP.