Bustamante Leads The Way at Bigfoot Challenge

Francisco Bustamante
Derby City Classic XVI
The Horseshoe Southern Indiana
Elizabeth, Indiana
BIG Foot is a beast! The Diamond 10 foot has players reeling. It's not only the length of the table, it's those pesky, tight 4 5/16" pro-cut pockets.
As creator Greg Sullivan said, "Big Foot is the true test of a champion. Whatever the discipline, the player who can consistently compete at the BIG Foot level, can terrorize the rest on a 9 foot."
Ask any player who was eliminated today in the Diamond BIG Foot 10-Ball Challenge and you'll get a similar answer:  BIG Foot's deceptive power snuck up on them. It was such a different experience and, of course, the more they missed, the more the fear of the beast set in. Even Efren, who won, acknowledged that, "The angles are different. And, you need so much more power to move the cue ball. Also, I can't reach," he laughed, "I'm too short."
Players have added a new skillset. using the bridge.
The day began with Carlo Biado getting off to a solid start until Ralf Souquet connected with his break. Making as many as four balls, Carlo sat there as Ralf played 6-Ball. He also captured the event's high-run with 3 racks from a ball-in-hand after Carlos scratched. Final tally, 11-5.
Match 2: Efren's stature didn't diminish as he stretched his lead over Rodney Morris to 6-0. Rodney was dumbfounded by the table's difficulty, he admitted that, had he not donated, normally, he would have been ahead 4-2.  Efren closed the door at 11-4.
Match 3: Holland's Niels Feijen came out firing at Corey Deuel. His fundamentals are so embedded in his form that they allow him to follow through the ball with so much power that, today, his accuracy his was unparalleled. Never will you see Niels jump up–no matter what the circumstance. Corey was held to only 2 games.
Match 4: 2008 World10-Ball Champion Darren Appleton, in his bout with Bustamante, fell afoul of BIG Foot. His strategy and shotmaking skills deserted him early. Admittedly, with his cue ball close to the rail, he missed a near straight-in 10-ball.  He never, really, recovered from it. That's how truly punishing BIG foot can be.
Bustamante summoned the breaking power that he had in his twenties and, consistently, sank balls. He was soon ahead 5-2. On his way to 6, he faltered and allowed Darren to 3. 
Appleton then made the smart move, he took a time out. Refreshed and regrouped, he broke and ran the next rack. His TPA surged to .829.
He broke and ran to a long straight-in 8 in the next rack, rattled it, and the cue ball followed deep into the hole.
Smelling blood, Bustey's performance progressed and some of his run outs seemed effortless. All Darren could do was play catch-up. He never quite did.  Bustey's .836, including the closing 10-Ball, lucked, from an Appleton safe, reminded Darren that, this time, it just wasn't to be. He surrendered at 11-7.
So far, the strongest TPAs posted are Shane: .890, Ralf: .874,  Efren with .840 and Bustey, .836. These are really respectable scores, even on a 9-foot.
How will they fare tomorrow?
Play begins at Noon, EDT with
Ralf vs. Jayson
3pm: Efren and Niels
6pm: Shane  and John Morra
9pm: Earl and Bustey.
See it LIVE at accu-stats.com.
The Bank Pool event held a few surprises as 2 time semi-finalist Glen "Piggy Banks" Rogers sent  2 time champ John Brumback to the buy-back booth. Justin Hall was beaten by Brady Behrman–no relation to Barry, and, Corey was sent packing by both Sylver Ochoa and Charles Morra–no relation to John.
Justin Bergman, Bustey, Shane Van B, Shannon Daulton, Jason Miller, Earl, Dutchmen Huidjii See, Nick Van Den Berg, and Dennis Orcollo are all still undefeated.
Evgeny Stalev and Constantine Stepanov are leading a slew of 9 Russians, including a couple of women players, to the chilly winds of Horseshoeville. But, of course, for the average Muscovite, today's 6 degrees was balmy.
Sunday, Dennis Walsh hosts the $7000 added 14.1 Challenge. World 14.1 Champion Thorsten Hohmann, Huidjii See, and John "Mr 400" Schmidt were seen warming up. You can be assured that Ralf will be running racks, too. 
Check out the stream at insidepoolmag.com
The 2014 Derby City Classic is Sponsored by Diamond SMART TABLE, True Blue Simonis 860 Cloth, and Cyclop Pool Balls.