Bustamante wins Weert Open Ring 10-Ball

Francisco Bustamante

The 6th Annual Open Weert 9-ball Championships are underway at the House of Billiards in The Netherlands with an all star field of 350 players making it the biggest event in European history.

Seven of the top players in attendance took a break from 9-ball on Saturday night for an $8000 ring 10-ball game. The field consisted of Niels Feijen, Marcus Chamat, Mika Immonen, Francisco Bustamante, Nick van den Berg, Ralf Souquet and Thomas Engert.

As is almost always the case in a ring game, there is at least one player who just can't seem to get a shot and falls without winning a game. In this event, there were two such players as Mika Immonen and Niels Feijen fell without winning a game. Nick van den Berg was next, followed quickly by Marcus Chamat. By this time, Francisco Bustamante had a comfortable lead, fueled in part by his four different break and runs.

In the end, it came down to Bustamante and Thomas Engert, and it was Francisco Bustamante who won the game and the $8000 first prize.

The final 32 players in the open division will do battle on Sunday, and the women's division will also be played. Look for full results from this event later this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Maurice Houben