California Pool Players Tour Announced

The California Pool Players Tour is a new and exciting pro–am tour coming to California, offering a quality series of 9-ball tournaments in both Northern and Southern California.  The inaugural event will take place at California Billiard Club in Mountain View, CA on June 12-13 @ 10:00.  This is the culmination of long hours of hard work by a small group of players like you who are passionate about pool and who want a non-handicapped, open format emphasizing skill over luck.  While this format may be new and different, we believe it keeps the playing field level while increasing the competition for everyone.   

The format is a race to 7, double elimination.  Players are divided into 2 brackets, one for Pros and A players and one for B and C players, playing simultaneously until the top 25% of each bracket is determined.  Those finalists advance to a combined bracket for the cash payout round.  We believe in keeping entry fees low and paying prizes to a large portion of the field while keeping first place attractive enough to draw the crowd-pleasing players.  Entry fees are based on skill level:  PRO $100, A $75 - B/C $50 - which is determined by factors including known ability, player self-rating, and tournament performance.  Junior players are welcome and encouraged to play.  Entry fee for Juniors 15-18 is $25, and under 14 are free.  Membership is $50 the first year and $25 to renew annually.  Advanced registration is required.
The CPPT is run by players like you who can identify the wants and needs of its members.  We aim to make pool accessible to everybody and bridge the gap between amateur and professional levels.  Making the events attractive to pro players will generate excitement in the community.  A modest entry fee could get you an hour “lesson“ from a top pro that would normally cost you upwards of $150/hr.  You can't beat that experience for the value.   

A future goal of the CPPT is starting a junior tour.  It is vital that we promote the game among today's youth, because they are the ones that will ensure the perpetuation of the billiards industry in the long run.  Baseball has a farm system that develops young players until they are capable and confident going up against the superstars, and pool should do the same.  The CPPT is the vehicle that will vastly improve and stimulate the growth of the game in California and really make a difference in the pool culture.
We hope to see you at our tournament!  For more information, please visit the CPPT website at, or contact Vincent Bramwell at 925-395-3838 or