California Pool Players Tour Announces New Title Sponsorship by Tiger Products

Growing in numbers slowly yet steadily, the California Pool Players Tour [CPPT] is proving itself to be a formidable focus in pool playing in California. Its latest achievement – title sponsorship by Tiger Products, Inc. – will only help its development further. Similarly, Tiger looks at this as a chance to not only promote its products, but also help the sport develop competitively in California, where it is based.

The CPPT is a tournament system wherein players of all ranks, from Pro/ A to B/C, can compete for prizes at different billiard halls around the state. Never before has this been attempted on the scale the CPPT envisions. To date, the tour has made inroads into success, but felt it needed sponsors to liven up the tour – as well as prize amounts. Vincent Bramwell, executive director of the CPPT, has been attempting to find such patrons since he began the tour early this year. He sees the partnership with Tiger as just the beginning of what will soon be a highly competitive, well-sponsored league.

“We are excited to have Tiger Products on board as our title sponsor starting in Jan 2011. This move gives our tour credibility; it won't be long now before we have others on board to subsidize the tour,” says Bramwell.

In the same way, Tiger Products expects to reap its own rewards. First, it can put its products into players' hands, so they can test them out – and hopefully use the products. Tiger also sees this as a chance to improve play in the state – then the nation. In fact, president Tony Kalamdaryan thinks creating a tour in the state has been long overdue and praises Bramwell's initiative to begin one. Kalamdaryan knows his sponsorship of the CPPT will bring it more success and more sponsors.

“We have many contacts and companies we work with in the pool industry. By having the title sponsorship, we are sure to get more companies on board, which will help the CPPT tremendously to become one of the most successful tours in CA and, hopefully in a very short time, in the nation,” Kalamdaryan states.

The two plan to take it slowly, knowing time is needed to keep flushing out the system and honing it into what will surely soon be the foremost competitive program in the nation. Though only committed for a year, Kalamdaryan thinks the sponsorship should continue for many years. As he states, “Being in California, it only makes sense to support a California tour. The future of pool is here, as is the partnership between Tiger and the CPPT.”

Both the CPPT and Tiger look forward to working together to improve both the quality of life for pool players seeking to make a living at the sport, and the satisfaction for those just playing for love of the game.