Case This! The February Gold Giveaways are JB Cases!

The February Gold Member Giveaway is yet another very special one. Thanks to John Barton of JB Cases we are giving away five Collector Edition cases. These cases cannot be purchased anywhere. The only way they are available is through winning one here on AZB.

These cases are quite special. The First Prize case is a style which John tells me is the Mason style of case. It is beautiful, thick leather and it has the new AZB logo embossed on the clasp. You can see this and all the other cases we are giving away this month on our facebook page. The case has two marvelous outside pockets and a very sturdy carrying strap. It is a 2 X 4 case, holding two butts and four shafts. The long pocket has a special side compartment that is padded for holding your jump cue.

Second prize is a very sturdy hardshell case made from an exterior of extremely heavy and long-wearing nylon. This case has three pockets on the front and the long one has the same padded side compartment for your jump cue. It is also a 2 butt, 4 shaft case. The AZB logo is located inside the top of this case, making it, like the rest, unique in all the world.

Finally, our third through fifth place winners all get a JB Soft case. But these are special as well as they have the AZB logo sewn into the inside flap. The third-place case is made from a heavy, distressed denim that is quite unique while the other two exteriors are a very tough synthetic material. The fourth place winner will get the bright orange case while the fifth place winner gets a more sedate grey.

All of these are made with the same care and excellence as all JB Cases and each will be loaded up with five pieces of Master Sky Blue Chalk and a pair of AZB patches for wherever you choose to use them.

Again, these cases are very rare. You cannot get them anywhere except by being an AZB Gold Member and winning one. Our deepest thanks go out to John for providing us with these treasures.


Please note that due to our presence at Derby City the drawing for February will be announced when we return to the offices on February 3rd. Gold members whose membership expires on the first day of February will still be eligible.