Just in Case You Won, Here Are Our Gold Winners

Our Grand Prize winner is Timkrazymon and he will be sent the fantastic leather “Mason” style case that is the first of its kind and the only case anywhere that has the AZB logo modestly embossed on the latch. Tim, no one can buy a case like yours!

For that matter, no one can buy the blue “JB Rugged” case either. With this one the logo is embossed on the inside of the lid and the case itself lives up to its name. It is one tough 2 X 4 case and will last Cuejo for as long as he wishes to use it. Congratulations Cuejo!

Our third place stands out a bit this month. For while the 4th and 5th place soft cases are identical in style to this one, our 3rd pace case is made from a very hardy faded denim that makes it quite unique. This denim soft case goes to Tominfaribo. Tom, you are going to like this case!

Finallly, our 4th and 5th place winners each get a soft case with the AZB logo stitched inside the flap. Everybody gets a rare collectible case! Avmaster gets the yellow one and BrickCues gets the grey one. Congratulations to all of you!

Avmaster is one lucky puppy. He is now the second Gold Member to win two months in a row! As he also won third-fifth last month he faced no winning restrictions this month. The only restriction we place on winners is that first and second place winners cannot win first or second again for a period of six months. But when two folks have now won twice in only 8 months of giveaways it gives you a pretty good hint that the odds of winning are not bad.

Thanks again to John Barton of JB Cases for making this month possible.

March contest prizes coming soon!