JB Cases Presents October Gold Giveaway

We are expremely pleased to be giving away a slew of JB Cases this month. John Barton has long been known for the quaity of his work and these are some very special collector cases. They are unique in that they all have the AZB logo inscribed inside the case. Less than 6 "Rugged" cases of this type have been made and only 15 of the Soft Cases were ever created. So this really is a very special Gold Giveaway. The "Rugged" 1st and 2nd. place cases have three pockets on the front and the long one has the padded side compartment for your jump cue. It is a 2 butt, 4 shaft case. The AZB logo is located inside the top of this case, making it, like the rest, unique in all the world.


Our First and Second place winners will each recieve a JB Rugged Hardshell case, the case that has become the standard for the industry. It lives up to its name by being extrememly tough and a great protector of your cues while being stylish at the same time.


Our 3-5 place winners will each recieve the JB Soft Case, and each has the AZB logo inside the case. All of these are made with the same care and excellence as all JB Cases and each will be loaded up with five pieces of Master Sky Blue Chalk and a pair of AZB patches for wherever you choose to use them.

Again, these cases are very rare. You cannot get them anywhere except by being an AZB Gold Member and winning one. Our deepest thanks go out to John for providing us with these treasures.