Caukin’s Back For Second Flamingo Billiards Tour Win

Stephanie Mitchell and Helene Caukin

Orlando, Fla. (Aug. 7, 2010) – “No pain, no gain”  was Helene Caukin's mantra on Saturday as she tested her own endurance as well as the proficiency and patience of her fellow Flamingo Regional Tour players. 

It might have seemed like a long day for Caukin, who limped in to Corner Pocket Billiards Saturday morning with back pain, but in the end it was worth putting up with the pain.  After a first-round bye and resting her back, Caukin handily defeated Jessica Barnes (7-3).   Helene then expediently sent Nicolle Rasmussen to the one loss side (7-1), securing a spot in the single-elimination semi-finals.  “Alleved” of pain, a lot of gain. 

In the other bracket, Stephanie Mitchell, the BAAT woman (, came from behind to defeat Chris Ann Fields 7 – 5.  Not to be stopped, Mitchell toughed it out and sent Sabra MacArthur Beahn walking west as well (7-5).   
On the one-loss side, Beahn, on the heels of her frustrating loss defeated Mimi McAndrews (7-1), making it back to the semi-finals.  Rasmussen defeated Robin Boggs (7-3) to get back to the final four.   

On the modified double-elimination redraw, Rasmussen had a revenge match with Caukin, and so, too, Beahn with Mitchell.  However, the revenge match was not to be had by Beahn as the rolls went the other way and the game quickly slipped to 3-1 Mitchell.   Sabra's self-proclaimed theme in her rematch with Stephanie was “erratic” as she rattled corner after corner, allowing Stephanie to take the lead 4-1.  In the sixth match, both players tested their patience with safeties, but in the end the safety play paid off for Mitchell, who ended up with ball in hand and ultimately took the lead to 5-1.  In the seventh game, Sabra missed a tough shot on the eight and quickly found herself down 6-1.   One more rattled ball in the next game and Stephanie won the match 7-1. 

In Nicolle's rematch with Helene, it looked as though Caukin was really feeling the pain as Nicolle quickly went up 5-1. But Rasmussen overcut the nine, and Caukin started to come back.  Soon the score was 5-3.  In game nine, Nicolle comboed the nine to go to the hill.  However, closing the match proved difficult as Rasmussen scratched on the eight and Caukin was out, score 6-4.  Hitting with authority in the next two games, and looking as though she was feeling no pain, Caukin's mantra apparently kicked in (“no pain, no gain” -time), as Caukin took the match to double hill.  Nicolle broke but came up dry.  She got another shot at the table and barely missed a 2 -9 combo, leaving the nine hanging on the corner rail.  Helene got a shot at the 2-9 but missed as well.  Nicolle got yet another try at the 2-9 combo, missed but left Helene with no shot on the two.  Helene shot the nine in giving ball in hand to Nicolle, who ran out to the six, missed shape and was forced to play a safety.  However, the safety on the six ended up right in front of the side pocket, and Helene ran out to take the match and the spot in the finals.   

With Mitchell and Caukin in the finals, it was predicted to be a tough match.  Mitchell won the lag, started out strong but left the eight ball in the corner and Helene was on the board.  In game three, Helene made a tough cut on the eight and proceeded to pocket the nine.  Score 3-0 Caukin.   Helene's break in game four left the balls in a cluster at the end of the table.  Looking like a straight pool game, the players traded safeties, each one hitting another ball and adding to the mess. At the same time, Mitchell and Caukin were attempting to three-foul each other. Caukin left Mitchell on two with a jump shot to Mitchell, who uncharacteristically missed the jump shot and Caukin was up 4-0.  Running out of steam, Mitchell broke game five and ran to the five, leaving it hanging for Caukin to take a 5-0 lead.  In game seven, kicking from a safety left by Caukin, Mitchell left Caukin a shot but Caukin surprisingly overcut the ball.  With bridge in hand, Mitchell was on the eight but missed, and just when it looked like Caukin would run out, she left the eight hanging.  Stephanie made the eight and banked the nine in the side to finally get on the board.  In game eight, Caukin failed to hit a rail, giving ball in hand to Mitchell. Just when it looked like she was on the verge of yet another come back that day, Stephanie missed the nine, which Helene made, and Caukin's pain ended up being worth the gain!  

Helene won 1st Place money, a trophy and a free entry to the Flamingo Billiards Tour $1,000-added Invitational.  Special thanks to Flamingo Billiards Tour sponsors Ozone Billiards (, Boynton Billiards ( and Tweeten Fibre (, and a very special to Tesh at Corner Pocket Billiards (, and his great staff, Bob, Donald and Brian for their great hospitality and continued support.