Charlie Bryant wins inaugural Houston 9-Ball Classic

Bogie’s manager Mark Weaver, winner Charlie Bryant, promoter Kim White, and runner-up Shawn Putnam

Bogies Billiards and Games hosted the two-day Houston 9-Ball Classic, which began on Saturday morning, August 23.  Kim White, house pro at Bogies and longtime WPBA touring professional,  promoted and directed her first major pool event.  “I wasn't sure how many players I'd be able attract,” Kim said, “but I worked as hard as I could, promoting this tournament through personal contacts and on the Internet.” 

Kim's efforts resulted in an outstanding field of 90 players, including world-class competitors Rodney Morris, Shawn Putnam, Charlie Bryant, and Rafael Martinez.  A number of highly-regarded regional players also participated, including, Jui Lung Chen, David Broxson, Billy Sharp, Manuel Ayala, Shane Harvey, and Andy Jethwa

Six notable women players entered: Heather Lloyd, Terry Petrosino, Jillian Valles, Bonnie Plowman, Emily Wilmoth, and Kim White.  The top finisher among the women was Terry Petrosino, who tied for 13th.  At one point, Terry led Shawn Putnam 6 to 2, before dropping the set, 9 to 7.  It was a fine showing for the longtime member of the OB Cues Ladies 9-Ball Tour, since she was competing for the first time against world-class competition.

The final four players who emerged from the field of 90 were Charlie Bryant and Shawn Putnam on the winners side, and David Broxson and newcomer Rogelio Fuentes on the one-loss side.  Bryant then defeated Putnam, sending him to the one-loss side, where he won the right to a rematch by defeating Broxson, who had defeated Fuentes. 

In the final set, more than 100 spectators surrounded the championship table and watched as Bryant had little trouble dispatching Putnam for the second time.

For Charlie “Hillbilly” Bryant, sweeping through this event undefeated was particularly satisfying.  He acknowledged he'd been in a slump during the past couple of years, but throughout this tournament he was in complete control, including two decisive wins over his close friend and fellow professional, Shawn Putnam.  

When asked what led to his resurgence, Charlie replied, “It's a combination of things.  I made a slight change to my stroke, and I've gone back to using an old cue stick.  But mainly, I credit the good Lord and my new wife, Heather, for helping me regain my focus.”  Then Charlie added with a smile, “It's great to be back.”    

The total payout for this event was over $15,000, with 16 players earning money.  The payouts included almost $7,500 for first place, $3,800 for second, $2,100 for third, $1,000 for fourth, and $500 for fifth and sixth.

Late Sunday night as the event concluded, Kim White was tired, but ebullient as usual, as she expressed her gratitude to the players and spectators, whom she credited with making her first major tournament such a success.  She promised that Bogies would build on this experience and host additional events in the future.