Corrine Johnson takes her First Canadian Women’s Tour Win

From the left, Terri Mason 2nd Place and Corrine Johnson 1st Place winner

On May 28-29, 2005, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its third stop at Pool Paradise. Female players from a variety of cities came to this event hoping to take First Place with cash sponsored by Tiger Products, DB Custom Cues and Pool Paradise. Pool Paradise hosted its second event with the Canadian Women's Pool Tour, and once again it is truly a paradise to the pool players. Kenny Chen, owner of Pool Paradise, does an excellent job in maintaining the pool tables and cues, and even cleans the billiard balls before use. Kenny also teaches billiard and sells top of the line cues. Check out their website at

In the hot seat match, Terri "Tiger" Mason was looking to grab a record holding third consecutive win in this tour, but Corrine Johnson came out on top! "It was an exciting match!" said Carolina Fernandez, CWPT Tour Director. "Corrine Johnson, who is sponsor by Dream Catcher, was very focused and determined to win against top player Terri Mason. It goes to show that it doesn't matter who you are playing against - its how you play the table, and that's what Corrine Johnson did."

In this A-side final match, Corrine Johnson was on fire - with her 9-ball run she takes the lead of 4-1 against Terri Mason. But it didn't intimidate Terri as she returns the favor by taking control and knotting the score 4-4. In Game 9, Corrine got another break after hooking Terri Mason on the 8-ball. Terri wasn't able to see the shot and Corrine takes the ball-in-hand. In this handicapped tournament, Corrine is on the hill, but Terri hasn't given up and takes advantage of Corrine's unfortunate 8-ball rattle in Game 10. Once again, Terri Mason ties the score 5-5. It was a tight match, but in Game 11, Terri takes her break shot and sinks the 1-ball and the 2-ball, but the 3-ball was in a tough position. Terri tries to sink the 3-ball in the corner but it rattles, which leaves an easy shot for Corrine. Corrine runs the 3-4-5 and 6 balls but leaves herself a tough shot on the 7-ball. Do or Die they say! She cuts the 7-ball long shot from the rail - and leaves the white ball perfect shape on the 8-ball. Corrine finishes the rack and sends Terri Mason to the B-side.

Sunday sees the return of six top players including Terri Mason and Corrine Johnson. On the B-side, Sharlene Watkinson was on fire, defeating Darlene Gardiner 6-1 (5th place finish) and April Frieburger (6-4) who settles for 4th. This brings Sharlene into the B-side final match, where she takes on the "Tiger". Terri Mason, after being defeated by Corrine in the A-side final, pulls herself together and plays her best. Terri wasn't taking any prisoners in this match, and doesn't let Sharlene at the table. With a 7-2 score, Sharlene settles for 3rd place.

Terri is back to face Corrine once again and is out to avenge her A-side title! In the first rack, Terri misses a key shot to run out the table and Corrine takes the first point. Terri fights back, taking advantage of Corrine's missed shots and takes a leading score of 2-1. Corrine sees the light as Terri misses a key shot on the 5-ball to run out the game, which gives Corrine a leading score of 4-2 after Game 6. Terri takes the next three match points after Corrine's failed attempt to play safe and the score is now tied at 5 games a piece. It was a tight match between the two best players, but in game 11, Terri breaks and runs to the 4-ball and left herself hooked. With ball-in-hand, Corrine runs the rest of the rack to take her first win in the Tour.

Payout $1,025 including $500 added:
1st Corrine Johnson - $410.00
2nd Terri Mason - $255.00
3rd Sharlene Watkinson $150.00
4th April Freiburger - $100.00
5th/6th Darlene Gardiner and Cathy Lafreniere $55.00 each

Sunday's Second Chance Tournament:
1st - Terryl Lynne Bruce - $50.00
2nd - Leanne Amable - $20.00