“New Kid” takes Tiger Canadian Women’s Tour Win

On July 28-29, 2005, the Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its 4th stop at Bobby D's Upscale Bar & Billiards in Burlington, Ontario. "It poured that weekend", said Carolina Fernandez, CEO of the Canadian Women's Pool Tour, and so did the ladies coming into the tournament! Twenty-nine players came to this event hoping to take First Place. The event had $500 added sponsored by Bobby D's, DB Custom Cues, and Tiger Products.

This was Bobby D's first time hosting an event with the Canadian Women's Pool Tour and the service and hospitality was excellent. As the ladies entered the room, they were welcomed with fresh fruits and muffins. Bobby D's is owned by Barbara Markieta and managed by Sue Lemaich. The room has 17 Dufferin tables and hosts many teams in both the CPA and CCS leagues.

The top favorites in this event were Terri Mason (Tour Points Leader), Naomi Williams (2004 Tour Champion and Semi-pro), and Grace Nakamura (WPBA pro). The player auction went high and a lot of excitement was on the table. "This tournament had the strongest field of players, and very surprising results leading to the final eight players on Sunday."

Diana Yeoman "The New Kid on the Block" stormed through the A-side with wins against Sheryl Richmond (5-3) and Zabrina Wellman (5-2) to get into the A-side final where she met Angela Mears. With a break and run, and then by playing great safety shots, Angela takes a 3 - 0 lead. Diana takes control on the table at game four and with a couple of 9-ball breaks to boot, she knots the score 3-3. Angela gains control by taking a score at game seven, but Diana was determined to stay in the match and answered back with two games of her owned by taking advantage of a miss on the 9-ball. With a 5-4 score, Angela is sent to the B-side.

In the one-loss bracket, Angela Mears was determined to meet Diana Yeoman again in the finals, and crunches through the B-side against Grace Nakamura (6-4) who takes 4th place and Sophie Houle (6-1) who settles for 3rd place.

Angela Mears is in a rematch with Diana Yeoman with the event title up for up for grabs. In the true double elimination format, Angela Mears needs win two sets. Angela was on fire in all her matches, but Diana takes the lead with two games from a couple of missed key shots by Angela. In game three, Angela takes control on the table by running up to the 5-ball, but sewers the white ball giving Diana ball-in-hand. Diana shoots the 6-ball and the 7-ball, but lands a difficult shot on the 9-ball. Diana chooses to bank the 9-ball but it wobbles over the corner and Angela takes the rack. In game five, both players are tied and it is Angela's turn to take control. Angela runs up to the 7-ball, but left herself tough on the eight. Angela decides to play safe, and what a great safety it was. Diana hits the 7-ball but sends the white ball flying into the pocket. Ball-in-hand was called and Angela takes advantage and sinks the seven, but a missed calculation on Angela's part and her shape for the 8-ball was short. Angela tries to cut in the corner but the 8-ball rattle over the pocket. Diana takes advantage and sinks the 8- and 9-balls, jumping the score to 3-2, in her favour. After that rack, Diana was in full control as she takes the next two racks with a 2-9 combo and 6-9 combo. With a 5-2 final score, Diana wins the DB Custom Cue Event at Bobby D's.

Total Payout $1320.00 (includes $500.00 added):

1st Place - Diana Yeoman $400.00
2nd Place - Angela Mears $280.00
3rd Place - Sophie Houle $200.00
4th Place - Grace Nakamura $150.00
5th/6th Place - Danielle Morris/Nikki Manzar $95.00
7th/8th Place - Corrine Johnson/April Freiburger $50.00

Second Chance Tournament:

1st Place - Leanne Amable
2nd Place - Corrine Johnson