‘Tiger’ Mason wins Tiger Canadian Event

Star Wiliams and Terri Mason holding their Tiger Products prizes

The Tiger Canadian Women's Pool Tour held its 2nd stop at Hot Stix in London. The room added $500.00 and the event drew 20 players, featuring returning champion Naomi Williams, Terri Mason (Tour Stop # 1 winner), and other great 9-ball players. But Terri Mason, who played outstandingly, claws her way to a second win in this competition.

Sunday afternoon finds us with Terri Mason in the Hot Seat. Terri Mason had wins over Kelly Shaddock (7-4) and Leanne Amable (7-4) to get to the A-side final. The match for the Hot Seats sees Terri Mason versus Dorothy Brown of Brampton, Ontario, who is up for the challenge! In this handicapped event, Terri Mason needs to win seven racks to Dorothy's six racks. After the third rack of the match, Terri leads 3-0. Dorothy steps up a bit and takes two games. The score is 3-2. Terri Mason is determined to stay in the game, and pulls a 9-ball of the break. Terri takes control of the table and finishes the score of 7-4 and sends Dorothy to the B-side.

On the B-side, Kelly "Come Back Kid" Shaddock, a new player to the Tour, didn't give up and made her way through B-side matches, defeating top player Naomi Williams, as well as Leanne Amable (5-3) who settles for 6th place. "It goes to show, players like Kelly Shaddock, to never give up if you lose the A-side match," said Carolina Fernandez, CEO, Canadian Womens' Pool Tour. Kelly Shaddock was in for a tough challenge, as she meets Star Williams. Although Kelly was playing strong, Star had a chip of her sister Naomi's skill and crunches the match with control and concentration thus taking out Kelly Shaddock out of the running. With a 7-2 loss, Kelly settles for 4th place.

In the semi-final match on the one-loss side, Dorothy Brown meets Star Williams. Each racing to six games, Dorothy played a strong safety game combined with aggressive shooting, but Star was on fire. She was able to pull off anything that Dorothy threw at her. With a 6-3 final score Dorothy finished the event with 3rd place.

The stage is set for an exciting final match. Will it be Star Williams or Terri the Tiger' In this match, the Cat lands on her feet leading with a score of 6-2, including a 9-ball on the break. Mason breaks hoping to score another one, but this time she had a tough shot on the 1-ball. Terri plays a safe game on the 1-ball. Star returns the favor with a 1-ball hook shot, but it lands close to a pocket. Spectators anxiously waiting to see what will Terri will do next. Terri uses the rail and sinks the 1-ball. Nice shot! Terri takes the 2-ball, but misjudges the shot on the 3-ball. Terri sits in her seat and shakes her head wondering what had happened there. Star takes advantage and runs up to the 7-ball with a misfortunate rattle. Terri takes control once again and runs the table out. Great match between both players! With a 7-2 loss, Star takes 2nd place and Terri Mason takes her 2nd Tour win at the Tiger Products Queen of the Hill event.

Tournament Payout $1165.00 including the $500.00 added
1st - Terri Mason $465.00
2nd - Star Williams $290.00
3rd - Dorthy Brown $170.00
4th - Kelly Shaddock $120.00
5th/6th Donna Sasges/Leanne Amable $60.00

Second Chance Tournament Payout $100.00
1st Susan Wipper $60.00
2nd Terryl Lynne Bruce $40.00